Social Innovation Challenge 2022: Prepare to Innovate, Say “YES” to the Challenge

“The real work of social innovation is to fix our broken human systems.” ~ Cheryl Heller

As humans, we can never achieve perfection. There will always be gaps between reality and dreams. But the most we can do is to try our best, to take on the challenge and to be the change we want to see in the world, as Gandhi once said.

iVolunteer’s Social Innovation Challenge is back on its third year, again to serve as an avenue to cultivate volunteer leaders and help bring their innovative ideas into life. In itself, innovation spurs humanity’s continued progress. But when we combine innovation with social, we are effectively elevating innovation into something more purposeful. That purpose is to create something new that could help address societal issues.

We want you to be part of that challenge and that journey.  

What is the Social Innovation Challenge (SIC)?

The third installment of SIC is a 4-month program intended for volunteer leaders and ambassadors. Just like the 2019 and 2020 versions, this year’s SIC aims to guide social innovators as they implement creative ideas that could help resolve a particular social issue.

In the past 2 installments of the program, SIC helped the Innovators on thinking and planning strategically, organizing their roadmap, deepening their innovations to social problems, mobilizing resources, building networks both in the development and private sector and having coaches on the implementation. SIC graduates also formed a support network even after the program which allowed them to create unconventional synergies on their respective programs.

Program Flow:

  1. Registration and Screening – applicants will be interviewed to see if they are fit for the program
  2. Workshop (1 Month) – five-part capability trainings will be conducted on developing and sustaining an organization’s advocacy
  3. Incubation (3 Months) – project plans will be implemented with the support of the trainers 
  4. Pitch and Graduation – innovations will be pitched to iVolunteer’s corporate partners for a chance to receive a grant

What happened during the 2019 and 2020 Social Innovation Challenge?

SIC 2019—the first installment—ran for 8 months with 7 social innovators taking on the challenge. Michael Fua’s First Help Initiative emerged as the winner. This initiative champions mental health. It aims to provide a more accessible mental health care by educating the youth and forming decentralized units who could act as the FirstHelp responders.

Click here to visit our previous blog and get to know the 7 pioneer innovators. Also, to get an idea of how their first corporate pitch went, click this link.

Day 2 of the Social Innovation Challenge 2019

SIC 2020—the second installment—ran for 7 months with 7 social innovators who focused on social issues prevalent during the pandemic. For everyone’s safety, the workshops and discussions were conducted virtually. Mark Napao and Hannah Bielza of Solar Hope won this challenge. Their advocacy is focused on bringing light to far-flung communities, an initiative that became more urgent as students transitioned to remote learning.

What are the mechanics for the Social Innovation Challenge 2022?

  1. Volunteer leaders who have started a social innovation in the past 1 – 2 years can join the Social Innovation Challenge (SIC) 2022. This means having a clear social problem in mind with an initial idea of how it will be implemented.
  2. Participants could join as individuals or in pairs for the same idea. If you are joining in pairs, each member of the pair will need to apply separately. There is no guarantee that both participants will be accepted. 
  3. Participants should have at least one (1) year of volunteer leadership experience.
  4. The program will run from August to November 2022 and will include weekly workshops, mentorship, and networking with both the development and private sectors. The participants should be ready to commit throughout the whole duration of the program. 
  5. Volunteer leaders should already have a clear idea on a potential solution to an existing social challenge and a partner community in mind.
  6. The initiative should be a non-profit and not a social enterprise and has a potential to engage volunteers and provide them an opportunity to be involved in the solution.
  7. A bond of Php 5,000.00 per participant, in cash or in check, shall be required per participant to ensure commitment to the program. The bond shall be returned in full after the duration of the program considering all requirements are met including attendance to the program.
  8. The idea that creates the most impact after the incubation period will receive a prize from corporate partners. The criteria will include transformation done to the members of a community and the number of volunteers engaged throughout the process. 
  9. Deadline of submission is on 23 July 2022

How to apply for the Social Innovation Challenge 2022?

For interested volunteers, kindly submit your application HERE. Take note of the application deadline and tune in to our FB page to get updates. For inquiries regarding the program, just send an email to or

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and be one of our innovators!


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