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Future Possibilities 2020: Rebuilding Communites, Instilling Hope for the Future Amidst Global Pandemic

United Nations leads the way for a global conversation to kick in the most pressing issues our generation is facing amidst the threat of COVID-19

Pangangalaga sa Kalusugang Pang-isipan sa Panahon ng Pandemya

Malaki ang ginagampanan ng kalusugang pang-kaisipan sa’ting buhay. Naapektuhan nito kung paano tayo mag-analisa, kumilos, makiramdam at makibahagi sa’ting kapwa at kapaligiran. Mahalagang sinisiguro na mabuti ang ating pangkalahatang kalusugan: pisikal, mental o emosyonal man na aspeto. Kung hindi natin aalamin kung paano aalagaan ang ating sarili, maaari tayong malimitahan ng ating mga pagkukulang o kaya’y mabulag sa kung ano nga ba ang ating personal na limitasyon.

COVID 19: Tips on How to Contain the Virus

While staying at home and following the necessary precations to help avoid the virus from spreading, let us all continue to support, thank and pray for the gallant front liners, health workers and medical professionals for their efforts and sacrifices as they continue to work in fighting against coronavirus.

Skills-based Volunteering: How Your Talents Help Nonprofits

While SBV also requires strong commitment from volunteers, it’s a more enticing alternative for creatives, analysts, programmers, accountants and other specialists who want to connect their passions to the causes they care about.

The Treasure That We Find When Giving Back

Regardless if it’s volunteering at a local event or making monetary donations, it all evens out. After all, even the simplest deed can be enough to ignite change and provide a renewed sense of hope for those who quietly needs it.

Things to Keep in Mind Heading Into the 2019 Midterms Election

With over 18,000 electoral posts up for grabs, and with national issues such as charter change and national security hanging in the balance, the votes that will be casted on Monday will create a ripple effect that will be felt beyond the next three years.

5 Ways to Become a Modern-day Hero

When we hear the word “hero”, we generally associate it with “war”, “blood”, “weapons”, and other violent or aggressive stuff and events. But as we celebrate this day of heroes, may we be reminded that there is heroism in volunteering.

How Much of an Eco-Warrior Are You?

July brings another conquest upon the human race. And I dare you to take this one seriously. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this worldwide trend, would you? So buckle up, it’s #PlasticFreeJuly.

Why Volunteering Is Good for Mental Health

Helper’s High is the name for the positive emotional state some people experience after providing help to others. Studies have shown that helping others can produce feelings of happiness and can activate reward centers of the brain just like food or drugs.

5 Thoughts to Ponder on this Holy Week

And as we are also celebrating Women’s month, here are reflections from the lives of extraordinary women of faith. To inspire us, and to commemorate this special season.

Poems for 2018 World Poetry Day

In celebration of World Poetry Day, we've compiled some verses on various topics penned by our friends. Enjoy!

A Call for Heroes

As the cries of the weak echo louder than ever. And their tears overflow ever faster. Let apathy turn into sympathy. And disgust into kindness.

March Forth and Do Something

Today, we are celebrating the power of actions — of doing something instead of just planning and of exerting effort instead of making excuses. We are now on the third month of the year. Another month has come to an... Continue Reading →

7 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s For Singles

Sa pamamagitan ng pag-volunteer, maipapakita mong may magagandang bagay na kaya mong ibigay sa mundo. Alam mo na may kaya kang gawin para sa iba at meron kang lakas ng loob para gawin yun.

7 Unique Valentine’s Date Ideas for Couples

Paano mo malalamang Valentine’s na? Paanong hindi mo malalaman kung kahit saan ka lumingon, may nag-de-date. May nasisinghot ka na ding pollen grains dahil sa dami ng nakaparadang bulaklak. Meron nang puso at rosas na kendi o tsokolate sa estante ng 7-11. Parang may perya sa kalsada dahil sa mga naglalako ng lobo at teddy bear.

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