Help Project Pearls Fight Poverty by Donating to the Pop-Up Bayanihan Village

Throughout our 10-year history, iVolunteer Philippines has consistently provided service-volunteering opportunities across Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It’s always been our goal to help smaller nonprofits get the volunteers they need in order to support their cause and community.

This year, however, as part of their growth and ours, we thought it’s time to tap into volunteers who are facing schedule constraints but are still looking to take part in activities that support their advocacy. Thus, we bring Treasure Volunteer, a new way for volunteers and nonprofits to engage in our website.

You can now donate in support of Pop-Up Bayanihan Village

The second project in our new donation platform comes from Project Pearls, whose core mission is to help children get out of poverty so they can achieve their dreams and be the change-makers of tomorrow. Along with that mission statement, the organization has also constantly dealt with other poverty issues such as homelessness and hunger. Something they’ve been doing since 2010.

This year, Project Pearls is looking to take that further by addressing the needs of the homeless residents in Metro Manila, and eventually in other parts of the Philippines. To make this become a reality, the organization is launching the Pop-Up Bayanihan Village on November 30!

Project Pearls described the project as, “An ‘Outside the Box’ Hospitality Program and a one-stop shop where our homeless neighbors can access critical services like showers, hygiene kits, nutritious meals, medical and dental check-ups with free medicines, physical and mental healthcare, literacy activities and health, and wellness programs.”

To help bring these services to the distressed community, the Project Pearls vowed to partner with different organizations and individuals from the private and public sectors that share their cause. And that’s where the iVolunteer family and YOU as a volunteer yourself can come in.

Here’s an outline of how donations will make an impact on the pilot run of the Pop-Up Bayanihan Village at the Arnold Jenssen Kalinga Center, Tayuman, Manila this November 30, 2019:

  • Provide hygiene kits for 300 homeless individuals in Manila.
  • The Hygiene Kits will contain hairbrush or comb, travel size toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, baby powder, and face towel.
  • The budget is estimated to be  Php 166.50 per person.
  • The amount that needs to be raised is Php 50,000.00

Here’s a guide on how to donate.

According to Project Pearls, the success of this pilot program will serve as proof that Pop-Up Bayanihan Village is sustainable and can be replicated and introduced to other communities in need in the Philippines.

You can start donating here:

Be a modern-day volunteer and advocate through Treasure Volunteering

Donating online isn’t new, but iVolunteer Philippines is looking to introduce a process that will let donors see how the projects they supported will be made to reality up to the point it makes an impact on someone else’s life. It’s a journey that we’d like to share with you and with our partners. With Treasure Volunteer, we hope to make volunteering more accessible and at the same time build more trust between nonprofits and volunteers. Tara! Volunteer tayo!

For other programs in need of donations, check out COSE’s Group Home project for the elderly.


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