iVolunteer Raises Php 300,000 for 15 Nonprofits Through BayaniRun 2019

Running for a prolonged period of time is never easy and perhaps not the obvious choice for everyone who wishes to stay in shape. Still, several hundred people⁠—even non-runners—often go out of their way to support ‘run for a cause’ events such as BayaniRun. So, if it isn’t running and competing, then what else is drawing people together during these special events?

BayaniRun is more than a one-day event for the iVolunteer staff, especially for the organizing team. But the results, we feel, have always been worth all the effort. After all, BayaniRun 2019 easily became the biggest edition of our annual fundraising drive. To put that in perspective, from 500 runners in 2017, more than 1,000 runners signed up this time, including those who joined on or mere hours before the event.

Thanks to this amazing support from our community, we were able to raise Php 300,000 this year for 15 nonprofit organizations, namely: Animal Rescue PH, Aral Pinoy, ATD Fourth World, Child’s Hope, Citizens Disaster Response Center (CDRC), Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE), Edicute, Heart Warriors, Juan Portrait, Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC), Project Anecdote, Project Biyahero, Project Pearls, The Storytelling Project, and of course, iVolunteer Philippines.

Preparing for BayaniRun

Preparing for BayaniRun isn’t as straightforward nor as simple as that of a normal event. For one, our staff are all volunteers themselves and are typically busy with their professional and personal schedules during the months leading up to BayaniRun. Aside from those constraints, the team had to work hard to get corporate and media partners ahead of November, as well as prepare for logistics, which thankfully was done smoothly with RSRJ events, a returning collaborator.

I’d be remiss, however, to not give a nod to the organizing team whom despite not being able to come together in person throughout the build-up, was able to bring the event to life come November 17. The team was led by our Director for Sustainability Jasmine Salem, whom runners and partners may recognize as their primary contact person for BayaniRun. Joining her this year are new members Joie Balaong, Innah Pardinan, Jed Mendoza, Zhan Peteros, Sarah Castro, and Teo Tungala.

The on-site iVolunteer staff also led a group of volunteers from Cognizant as well as the field photographers who preserved all that BayaniRun action for everyone to see (check the album here). It’s a team effort, of course, but even with us going all-out, BayaniRun wouldn’t be possible without the help of the following corporate and media partners: 7/11, Alaska, CNN Philippines, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Garmin, Globe, Henkel, Iontech, Jack TV, Katinko, Metro Combined, Phinma, Pocari Sweat, RSRJ Events, and Solar.

Celebrating volunteerism

Beyond running and competition, the spirit of volunteerism was the one in full display throughout BayaniRun. It’s the one thing everyone had in common, leading us all to what turned out to be a monumental BayaniRun 2019.

The preparations started early with Jasmine’s team and RSRJ arriving at the venue the night before the event. Some of our staff then started making their way at around 1:00 am to prepare the booths for the participating NGOs. The volunteers from Cognizant also arrived with them. Soon enough, the BayaniRun volunteers were in position ahead of the warm-ups. That included photographers, registration assistants, baggage counter personnel, and marshalls who were tasked to guide runners and take care of hydration stations.

Hosting the event was our staff Janice Jarmin, who stepped up to the challenge of hosting an event as big as BayaniRun for the first time. Leading the pre-run exercises at around 4:00 am, meanwhile was Paulo Salas whose presence on stage and energy brought a much-needed boost for our runners who hailed from all parts of Metro Manila and nearby provinces, including some folks I know from Antipolo. There’s more, of course, including some professional athletes. But the brightest surprise of that morning for most runners is probably Ms. Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados, who came out to support COSE and her advocacy for the elderly.

Gazini, however, more than showed up for the event by finishing 5th amongst all females who participated in the 5 km run. Joining her on the list of leaders are:

5K – Female

  1. Glorien Menisco
  2. Sandy Abahan
  3. Nina Nuguid
  4. Naomi Battini
  5. Gazini Ganados

5K – Male

  1. Mervin Guarte
  2. Sherwin Manangil
  3. Russel Rockwood
  4. Saul Sibayan
  5. Mark Parilla

3K – Female

  1. Franxine Regalado
  2. Milky Mae Pejeres
  3. Diana Buhler
  4. Kellah Rodriguez
  5. Kaizen Dela Serna

3K – Male

  1. Jeffrey Reginio
  2. Kyle Antolin
  3. Mark Julius Rodelas
  4. Kevin Pascua
  5. Paolo Arevalo

10K – Female

  1. Kim Mangrobang
  2. Adah Valena
  3. Marielle Cruz
  4. Doreen Berdan

10K – Male

  1. Jemar Mapili
  2. Raven Quan
  3. PJ Godinez
  4. Cris Fuljencio

Kim Mangrobang who won gold in the 2019 SEA games was undoubtedly our fastest runner this year, completing the 10 km leg at just 34:34. Jemar Mapili, on the other hand, led the male participants in the 10 km run with his 40:14 mark.

10 years of nation-building

The 2019 BayaniRun also served as a celebration of our 10th year in the social development sector. Executive Director, JB Tan, who opened the program welcomed the volunteers to a new chapter, while also thanking everyone in attendance and those who have been part of the iVolunteer journey since 2009.

Following BayaniRun’s success, we’re now looking forward to bring more unique volunteer opportunities in the coming years and at the same time, continue to spread volunteerism across the country. Times have changed, and over the years, so as the iVolunteer staff. But as long as there are volunteers, there will be iVolunteer and our dream of a “Better Philippines” will live on. For everyone who took part in this year’s BayaniRun, on behalf of the iVolunteer family, maraming salamat!


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