iVolunteer Introduces Treasure Volunteer — Support Your Advocacy Through Donations

In 2018, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) reported that Filipinos ranked 8th in the World Giving Index when it comes to the time we spent volunteering. There’s a precedence on just how generous our community can be, when presented with trusted mediums where we can give back to a greater cause. On top of that, Filipino volunteers are also known to come together during fundraisers, ‘for a cause’ events, and donation drives (i.e. relief operations). This is why iVolunteer, the leading online platform to promote volunteerism in the country has decided to introduce a new donation system aptly called: Treasure Volunteer.

Throughout our 10 year existence, iVolunteer has mainly provided service-volunteering opportunities across Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It’s been one of our goals to help smaller nonprofits get the volunteers they need to support their cause and community. As part of their growth and ours, we thought it’s time to tap into volunteers who are faced with schedule constraints but are still looking to take part in activities that support their advocacy. Thus, we bring Treasure Volunteer, a new way for volunteers and nonprofits to engage on our website.

Support your advocacy through Treasure Volunteer

With the introduction of our own donation platform, we expect volunteers or donors to experience a more interactive way of offering their ‘treasure’ to charity online. Here’s how you can start treasure volunteering:

Step 1: Visit the iVolunteer website: https://www.ivolunteer.com.ph/

Step 2: Click the NEW option “Volunteer Your Treasure” on the right side of the homepage to see the current projects that need your support.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the project you wish to volunteer for, click on the “Donate” button on the right hand side (NOTE: I recommend to bookmark this page to check how the campaign is doing).

Step 4: If you haven’t signed up yet, you will be asked to create an iVolunteer account. If done, you can now donate via Paypal or with your debit or credit card. An email confirmation will be sent to confirm your donation. There is no minimum amount. But anything will make a difference!

NOTE: Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sign-up for a Paypal account.

Donating online isn’t new but iVolunteer Philippines is looking to let donors see for themselves, along with their fellow volunteers, how they can all make an impact on someone else’s life. It’s a journey that we’d like to share with you and with our partners. With Treasure Volunteer, we hope to make volunteering more accessible and at the same time build more trust between nonprofits and volunteers. Tara! Volunteer tayo.

You may check the projects that need donations here.


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