Thank You For 2017!

iVolunteer Philippines, together with all the volunteers, dreams of a BETTER PHILIPPINES by sharing our capacity and capability to the sectors that are in need. In 2017, 4,500 Filipinos responded to the volunteer opportunities of different NGOs and advocacies. We have accounted a total of about 11,000 Filipinos to-date who have taken part in this revolution.

As our main goal is to make volunteerism known and easy, we invest in educating Filipinos through different platforms. We have launched our Start Your Adventure sessions this year to help interested individuals on why, where, and how to start volunteering.

Start Your Adventure talks

We continue our community meet-ups for both the volunteer and our partner volunteer-engaging organizations to educate them deeper into different social issues.

ATD Community Meet Up

Our first ever Bayanirun (fun run for a cause) showcased that helping can be as easy as running for your advocacy.

Six hundred (600) Filipinos pledged for their chosen advocacy and in total we have gathered and donated Php 218, 000 to our various partner advocacies.


Our social media platforms serve as our awareness platform now with 43,000 Filipinos trusting and listening to us.

We have also launched Time Please together with Globe and Disney in order to encourage families to volunteer. This program will through 2018 and will provide exciting opportunities for everyone to participate all throughout the country.

We also want to thank our partner NGOs and institution who have took care of the volunteer’s growth and development. This year, we have made new partnerships with 44 volunteer-engaging organizations. Our partners have produced 655 volunteer events with a total of 10,000 volunteer opportunities.

We would also like to thank the corporations who have started to engaged their employees to volunteer. We will continue to partner with you in order to strengthen your involvement in community building.

Thank you as well for supporting our two fundraising efforts which helped us sustain our operations. You can continue support us by buying our iVolunteer merchandise by emailing us at

Lastly, we are humbled by the recognition we received from the following: Intrapersonal Intelligence Awardee from Multi-Intelligence Award, Future Maker Awardees from the Philippines (Globe) and Asia Pacific Future Makers (Singtel), Finalist for the Social Impact Category of the Philippine Rice Bowl Awards, and Big Kabataan Achievers Award.

Moving to 2018, we will continue to find ways to encourage more Filipinos to volunteer. And we will need your help to do that! You can start by simply inviting your friends and family to volunteer and start their adventure with us. Visit our website now to volunteer!


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