3 Takeaways From Our “Start Your Adventure” Talk

Our primary goal in iVolunteer is to reach out to every Filipino to build a better Philippines through volunteerism.

Through our first “Start Your Adventure” talk held at The Office Project last March 18, 2017, we reached out to aspiring volunteers to help them start their journey right.

The talk facilitated by the iVolunteer Philippines staffs discussed the volunteer adventure checklists, why volunteering can be a great adventure to everyone, how one can make their volunteering experience meaningful, and stories about how iVolunteer made its members’ adventures their most meaningful one.

Why Volunteer?

To start the talk, JB, the executive director of iVolunteer PH, shared his volunteering journey and top reasons why being a volunteer is the best thing to be.

He said that he feels so much hope for the country when he sees the younger people start to have the interest to volunteer. Everyone was eager to learn how to participate and help.

JB sharing his volunteering journey

While each one of us has a personal reason to volunteer, we all come together with the belief that the power to transform the community are in our hands. It starts with a dream of a better Philippines and believing that we can make it into reality.

On Love and Giving Back

Jen shared how volunteering has made her grow and become who she is today. She said that adventures are always worth taking especially when we also give back to others in the process, and that you are never alone when you volunteer because you make new friends and who share the same vision of a better country with you along the way.

Jen talks about how volunteering made her who she is today

It is the same as giving love to a community and making that community your second home. She added that it always feels good to give back because we don’t simply help others this way but also give them the hope for a better tomorrow. It is always important to do something with a value, in which you’ll be thankful for in return.

Making Your Volunteer Adventure the Best One

Mark shared the do’s and dont’s in volunteering; the same things that can make one’s volunteer adventures hassle-free both for them and the community.

Mark talks about the importance of having the right attitude in volunteering

Of course volunteering is also more than just having the time and capabilities, as Mark pointed out. It’s important to volunteer with the right attitude and mindset to make sure that goals are being achieved for every advocacy.

iVolunteer Philippines is actively working on guiding volunteers for them to be effective while enjoying the experience,” Mark explained. “Volunteering doesn’t have to be boringly serious; it can be fun.”

However, non-profits already have a lot on their plates and cannot focus solely on making things fun. A good part of that fun and adventure has to come from the volunteers themselves and through our “Start Your Adventure” talks, volunteers were pointed to the right direction.

Special thanks to The Office Project for being our venue partner for this event!

Missed our first “Start Your Adventure” talk? Come join us on July 1 for inspiration to start your adventure with us! Sign-up here – https://www.ivolunteer.com.ph/organizations/2/events/2121

by Jen Redublo, iVolunteer Philippines


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