Guide to iVoluntutoring: 8 Reminders for New iVoluntutors

Be a voluntutor

Are you new to iVoluntutoring with He Cares Foundation? Here are 8 tips for beginners like you.

  1. Be informed. Know the venue, exact time and phone numbers of the contact persons for the tutorials. You just don’t want to miss the tutorials, don’t you?


Jerwyn, one of our students who regularly attends the tutorials. Photo Credit: Jason Bangayan, He Cares Foundation


  1. Be on time. Be at the venue at least 30 mins. to 1 hour before the students/ children arrive. Attend the orientation especially if it is your first time to have enough knowledge on your role as a tutor. It won’t hurt to dedicate more than an hour to tutor a kid; the experience will surely be more fulfilling.

  1. Make sure you’re in your most comfortable and modest outfit. For the girls, it would be better to avoid the hassle of fixing your dress while teaching a kid. Since the kids will be your priority, make sure you could attend to their needs without any unnecessary distractions.


Regular tutorials held at the 3rd floor of the Barangay Bungad Hall. Photo Credit: Jason Bangayan, He Cares Foundation


  1. Prioritize the students/kids. Be mindful of your role in the tutorials. For the entire session, focus on your assigned student and create the best learning experience for him or her.
  1. Take initiative. Acquaint yourself with the venue and your co-tutors. Help in the preparation and clean-up of the venue (arranging chairs, retrieving books and other learning materials; it’s not a heavy job at all, and may even be fun!). 🙂


Activities for each student will be based on their grade levels and are individualized.  Photo Credit: Jason Bangayan, He Cares Foundation


  1. Be a tutor. Our partners usually have prepared learning tasks for the day or sometimes, you’ll encounter students who would like to be tutored on a specific subject. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the cellular level of physiology or derive a complicated math problem. In case you’re not sure of something, ask the organizers for assistance.


One tutor to one student ratio is encouraged to facilitate better learning for students.  Photo Credit: Jason Bangayan, He Cares Foundation


  1. Never give assurance. Never offer promises you cannot meet. Some kids might request for you to bring them something for the next tutorials; politely say you cannot do that for now. Just be truthful to them and carefully choose the words you use.
  1. Relax. You can make the learning more interesting for your student if you’re at ease. Smile. You were once a student. You would rather simplify the equation first before solving it, right? 🙂

by: Kaye I. Marcelino


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