10 Simple Ways to Show Love for Mother Earth

If only being a hero is easy, you’d likely be one now right? Well, it can be hard if you’re idea of being a hero involves having the charm and riches of Tony Stark, the physique of Captain America, or the skills of Black Widow.

But for Mother Earth, you don’t need to be any of them to be a hero. You can simply go Katniss Everdeen and yep you got it… volunteer.

1. Use that tumbler.

We didn’t mean slack off and laugh at gif sets in a website. There was an ‘E’ in there. Use your tumbler. You have like eight now. What did you buy them for?

2. Hold that wrapper.

Trash bins are located almost everywhere in the metro. Don’t just throw your food wrappers and other packaging waste around.

3. Carpool.

Join or offer a ride to friends. It can get lonely when you’re stuck in EDSA traffic alone in your car you know?

4. Say no to the paper bag.

You bought a bag of potato chips that you’ve been craving for days. You’ll open it the moment you turn your back on the counter. What’s the paper bag for but nuisance?

5. Say yes to reusable eco-friendly shopping bags.

The ones that are foldable and double as backpack ornaments are cheap and trendy now. There’s no reason to resist having one.

6. Save electricity.

Done marathoning 30 episodes of your favourite TV series? Slipping into that rabbit hole where you question the meaning of life? Chill Socrates. You can get back to reading your stash of actual books. Recreation is not always in a rectangular screen.

7. Skip using the shower.

Nope, we don’t say skip shower. You are Filipino; you know how to use the pail and the dipper. Yes, those two directly below the shower.

8. Go strawless.

Unless you’ll be dining on the go, you’ll be fine without a straw. That is some wicked rhyme in there.

9. Reuse paper cups.

Paper cups may not be washable but they are pretty much reusable. You can use one for your eight rounds of coffee the entire day.

10. Go paperless on your bills.

We love getting mails. If they are not bills, that is. Save yourself from the disappointment. Say yes to that electronic billing statement.

There you have it, fellas! Being earth-friendly can easily be practiced in your day-to-day lives and before you know it, these can turn into good habits that can also influence the people around you.


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