iVolunteer at Bel Air’s Clean Up Flea Market

One fine Sunday, March 2, 2014, I volunteered to be part of the rummage sale at Bel-Air Village in Makati City.  This is one of the fund raising projects of  iVolunteer organization.

1 Bel Air Clean Up!

It was a Clean UP! Flea Market activity inside the subdivision, the venue was at Park 3 Solar Street.  From 7am to 3pm, mostly resident vendors sold pre-loved items which included clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, luggage, CDs, books, toys, household items and a lot more.

4 over 120 vendorsThere were over 120 non-food tables that filled the whole covered court.

2 IVolunteer tables 30 and 31There were few food tables found on the side of the court for the shoppers and vendors.

iVolunteer had two tables.  We were divided into two teams.  On one table were men’s clothing and miscellaneous items headed by Hazel and Olenny.  My partner for the women’s clothing was Mana. She is a one petite lady that I could pass as her mother, except that she has nice big eyes compared to my twinkling small eyes. I’ve met Hazel, Olenny and Mana in the past. They are part of the iVolunteer core team.

As volunteers for the day, we were tasked to sell items donated by iVolunteer friends and supporters. We were challenged to use our marketing and selling skills to draw bargain hunters to our tables, it was a friendly competition among the vendors.  It helped that the organizer had a good sound system to announce on going sale promo as submitted by interested vendors.  I must say that iVolunteer led the craze of the following promos towards the last few hours of the flea market: 3 items for p50, 3 items for p20, all items at p5 and shop all you can in one plastic bag for only p20. Unbelievable, it was a hit to the shoppers.

7 3 for p50

3 items for p50

8 3 for p20

3 items for p20

9 all items at p5, Olenny and Hazel

all items at p5

10 Shop all you can at p20

shop all you can in one sando bag for only p20

Thank you to all the donors, organizer, buyers and to my co-volunteers for this memorable and meaningful experience. Thank you iVolunteer for coming up with this activity.

12 Mana and Hazel

Mana and Hazel

13 fantastic 4

Hazel, Mana, the author and Olenny

The proceeds of the flea market will be used to fund projects of iVolunteer. iVolunteer Philippines is a non-profit organization founded in 2001, it is run by volunteers with full time jobs and careers. 

iVolunteer is the Philippines’ first volunteer portal built BY volunteers FOR volunteers to spread the passion of volunteerism in the country. The mission is topromote volunteerism by Making it known, Making it easy and Making it happen.

iVolunteer. We Make Everyday Heroes.  Every Filipino a Hero.  It seems simple to serve and to share.  I discovered iVolunteer last year when I was doing my research on volunteer works.  To find out more about iVolunteer, on how you can get involved and how you can help, please click HERE.

Yes you can make a difference at iVolunteer.

 Rosemarie Lee, March 17 2014


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