Demystifying mental illness through poetry

Julie T. ChanVolunteering, 2007-08 No. 2 The day arced in, thieves of light,and no one explained themselves. The differentia was apparent(Dave Benson, “The Day Arced In”*) Back in 2000, I was presented with a unique volunteering opportunity: to assist in managing an e-zine– Poetry Sz: demystifying mental illness –which would feature the poetry written by … Continue reading Demystifying mental illness through poetry

Going beyond philanthropy

Volunteering, 2007-08 No.1 Time is money. Sometimes, time and talent are worth more than money. Especially when it’s corporate time and talent offered to community organizations that need additional human resources. In this era of corporate responsibility, the new buzzwords “social equity investment” means just that: to invest business talent for social development. Business philanthropy … Continue reading Going beyond philanthropy

Time again*

Walk the thought, 2007-08 No. 2 On New Year’s Day, I declare: I am going to have a great time volunteering with Time this year! First, I will leave the past where it belongs–in the past. After all, Time moves forward, not backward. Disappointment and old sorrows about others (including volunteers) took up space in … Continue reading Time again*

A stream of firsts

Story 2 of 3 In 2003, the original portal was recognized as a finalist–Best Website category of the Catholic Mass Media Awards. It was a surprise-filled message that prodded us, “You’re on the right track. Move on, farther, better!” We also realized that we couldn’t stay online all the time. Not with the digital divide … Continue reading A stream of firsts

Our partners

Forming partnership is important. can’t do it alone. So we reach out to the government, non-government, corporate, academic, and youth sectors to share the advocacy with us. Both nationally and internationally. The following institutions have helped us in ways unnumbered. They inspire us to keep on keeping on. We thank them dearly. Bluethumb Graphics … Continue reading Our partners