iVolunteer Website Upgrades

After about 4 years now, we are excited to upgrade our website to a new platform and it comes with cool new features to help you participate in nation building and encourage more Filipinos to do the same as well!

Here are 4 new things you should know!

1. Easily search events! You can now easily filter events based on your interest and schedule. You can search via this page – http://www.ivolunteer.com.ph/events .

picture 10

2. Use your mobile phones with our site. It is now mobile responsive.


3. Encourage others to also help! You can now share the volunteer events in your social media feeds.


4. Free-up your slot if you can’t attend. The unjoin button is now available however please use this responsibly. Best to do cancel your participation 3 days ahead of time so other volunteers can still pick-up the slot.


By JB Tan, Volunteer & Executive Director of iVolunteer Philippines


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