Volunteering While Studying

University life is all about the experiences or at least so we were told. While studying and partying may take up a lot of time, making space for some voluntary work can really add value to one’s overall university experience. Many college students exit the world of higher education with volunteer experience under their belts. […]

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A Story of Resilience and Empathy

People who have been through a lot and came out victorious are walking examples of fortitude, patience, and hope. Moreover, these people turn out to have the heart and passion to serve and help others because they know exactly how it feels to desperately need help.

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Keshia Starts Her Volunteer Story

Keshia the Entrepreneur A quick Facebook search reveals several people of the same name. All girls, of course. All beautiful in their own right. Meanwhile, a lady with a smile on her face, sunglasses resting on top of her blond hair, sunlight striking her visage from an angle making her appear calm yet invigorating strikes […]

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A Firefighter With a Heart

On October 22, 2016 at Karinderia ni Mang Urot, a feeding program by Mr. Benjie Abad in Quezon City, I met Mr. Hamilcar Cabusi. He arrived with his Aunt. Judging from his American accent, I knew instantly that he is not a local. We exchanged stories of how we started volunteering and why we decided […]

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Love At First Meeting

By: Pia Jingco A child named Dado captured my heart recently. Last week I signed up for a volunteer opportunity that would involve tutoring kids, through the iVolunteerwebsite. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive on my way to the venue as I had not done this for quite a long time.

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THE KWENTISTA (Storyteller)

For one dedicated man who relentlessly pursued his passion for service, volunteering isn’t just a part-time activity. It became his way of life. The Advocacy Rey Bufi (Kuya Rey) is a simple gleeful person. His love for kids and his hope for our nation brought him to where he is right now.  He believes that if […]

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Two Stories, One Message

  Offering the work of their hands Rachel and Joseph’s passion for their careers, the heart for service, and their strong faith naturally brought them together. Through sheer dedication and love for the arts, Rachel and Joseph were able to successfully set-up their own graphic design business, Pixel Pencils. In every step of their entrepreneurial […]

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On to a New Adventure

  Celebrating a New Adventure It’s not everyday that we hear a story of a 20-year-old fresh graduate celebrating her birthday with a group of kids from an NGO, together with her friends and other volunteers. Raissa happily shared how she had a very eventful birthday when she spent it with the children from Mano […]

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