iVoluntree 3.0: Giving the Gift of Love this Christmas

To celebrate this season of giving, iVolunteer is bringing back the iVoluntree Campaign, now on its 3rd year. In essence, it’s a fundraising program that aims to grant the Christmas wishes of 12 partner Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). These organizations are the most active partners of iVolunteer. They will use the proceeds from this campaign to serve their respective communities and to bring joy this Christmas season.


  1. Visit the iVoluntree in our website: https://www.ivolunteer.com.ph/ivoluntree
  2. Click on the decors to choose an NGO to help
  3. Click “Donate”. Note that you need to have an account with iVolunteer and to sign in to that account to proceed.
  4. Enter the amount to be donated (no minimum amount), and choose the payment method (Credit Card, Paypal, BPI, GCash)
  5. Proceed with the payment.

GRANT their wishes:

The Storytelling Project (TSP)

Advocacy: Education

Developing a love for reading at an early age gives a child a head start not just in academics, but also in creativity, self-confidence and independence. With this in mind, TSP has helped communities to develop a culture of reading through their 3-phase program: Imagine, Create and Share. They have even crossed mountains and rivers just to tell story.

TSP’s Christmas wish is to get 250 pieces of storybooks (100 Mahabang-Mahaba, 100 Pilong Patago-Tago and 50 Mahiyaing Manok). They will include these books as part of their Hiraya Kits (learning materials package).

Help grant TSP’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

La Liga Mariquina, Inc.

Advocacy: Community Development

La Liga Mariquina aims to empower the community by organizing different socio-civic activities that revive the spirit of “Bayanihan”. They conduct tutorial sessions, clean up drives and tree planting activities.

Their Christmas wish is to get 1,000 copies of Ang Abakada Pangunahing Hakbang sa Pagbasa Booklet, to be distributed to their partner indigenous schools. They also wish for a laptop that they could use to conduct virtual tutorial sessions.

Help grant La Liga Mariquina’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

BINHI English Literacy Foundation

Advocacy: Education

BINHI is an NGO that aims to help children ages 5-11 who fall below reading standards for their grade level. They target teaching and nurturing children who are at risk of not completing their primary education because of the absence of learning and support in their homes and communities.

BINHI’s Christmas wish is to be able to provide Noche Buena packs to 83 families.

Help grant BINHI’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE)

Advocacy: Elderly

COSE works to support older persons in urban and rural areas through community organizing, advocacy and networking, and capacity building. Their programs include activities on Health and Active Aging, Livelihood, Protection and Inclusion (rights & entitlements). Their home is mostly resided by abandoned older women.

COSE’s wish this Christmas is to be equipped with a laptop in order to monitor data and information of residents. The laptop will also greatly help with their online activities such as consultations with doctors, meetings and administrative tasks in running their Group Home.

Help grant COSE’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Karinderia ni Mang Urot (KMU)

Advocacy: Hunger Alleviation

KMU is a soup kitchen which has been feeding the hungry and homeless since 2007. The organization aims to eradicate hunger by providing free meals to people who cannot afford to buy their own food.

In order to make this season merrier, the KMU team has requested for grocery items and a folding table. These will be used to prepare Noche Buena meals to be distributed around the community.

Help grant KMU’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Kythe Foundation, Inc.

Advocacy: Children and Youth

Kythe aims to improve the quality of life of hospitalized children with cancer or chronic illnesses. They’ve been giving hope, happiness and support to sick kids and their families since 1992.

For their Christmas wish, they would like to give 100 Noche Buena packs to families of indigent pediatric patients. They wish to give smiles and Christmas cheer while promoting the children’s healing and growth.

Help grant Kythe’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Project Pearls

Advocacy: Hunger Alleviation

Every child deserves to grow up in an environment of good health, quality education and supportive community. That said, Project Pearls aims to combat these challenges for the kids in poor families.

This Christmas, their wish is to better equip their Hope Center in Helping Land Tondo. That said, they want to be able to purchase a speaker with amplifier, 8 ceiling fans, 6 sets of rechargeable batteries and a megaphone. These items will make the area more conducive for learning and feeding programs.

Help grant Project Pearl’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid (2KK)

Advocacy: Community Development

2KK was founded in the spirit of helping one another through kindness and love. After a landslide in Payatas, the largest dumpsite in Metro Manila, hit the community living in the area in 2003, a group of teenagers set out to see how they could help. Gathering the young children in the community, the group would carry out activities such as games, song and dance, and tutoring. Over the years, the volunteers and community members formed a bond, and since then, charitable activities have answered community needs, their highest priority being education.

For this Christmas, 2KK wishes to give out 50 sets of Noche Buena packages to the children and their families.

Help grant 2KK’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Childhope Philippines

Advocacy: Children & Youth

Childhope Philippines aims to empower street children and their families, and to help them gain access to a progressive environment and be ready for future endeavors. Their banner program provides basic and urgent needs to support and ensure the continuous and holistic learning and development among street children. This includes psychosocial interventions, medical and health services, paralegal assistance and skills training.

This Christmas, they wish to be able to provide 125 sets of 5 kg bags of rice to their beneficiaries.

Help grant Childhope’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Citizens’ Disaster Response Center Foundation, Inc. (CDRC)

Advocacy: Disaster Response

CDRC aims to promote community-based disaster management programs. They focus their efforts on those who are most affected, least served and most vulnerable sectors through disaster preparedness, prevention, emergency relief and rehabilitation programs.

This year, CDRC would like to focus on the revival of study areas that can benefit their community’s learners. Their Christmas wish is to have 3 sets of solar panels with kits, and 24 solar bulbs to be installed in the neighborhood study area. Part of this goal is to also sustain their printing of learning modules.

Help grant CDRC’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc. (NACCI)

Advocacy: Environment and Sustainability

Environmental awareness is important not just to understand and prepare for climate and natural occurrences, but also to safeguard livelihood of farmers and fishermen. NACCI ‘s goal is to promote environmental programs that are geared towards nature conservation and livelihood protection for those whose livelihood rely heavily on nature.

In line with their advocacy, their Christmas wish is to purchase a fishing boat engine, 20 life vests, 10,000 seedling bags for the mangrove and 500 mangrove seedlings. These will be used to assist in fishing livelihood, and to start a mangrove nursery.

Help grant NACCI’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

All Together in Dignity (ATD) Philippines

Advocacy: Volunteerism

ATD has been helping kids and families in extreme poverty. They interact with families who live in cemeteries, under a bridge, beside water canal and other impoverished locations. They also regularly visit resettlement communities.

During the last Festival of Learning in 2022, where they hosted more than 900 children, they had to make do with a defective sound system. Their Christmas wish is to get a new sound-system (portable speaker and mic) that would allow them to make this kind of program more enjoyable for the children!

Help grant ATD’s wish through the iVolunteer website: click here

What are you waiting for? Gift love by granting Christmas wishes. Remember that no amount is too small if it comes from the heart. Together, we can make their wishes come alive.

“We know all too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”

~Mother Teresa

Compiled and Edited by: Lorraine Rañoa, iVolunteer Philippines

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