Registration Is Now Open for Social Innovation Challenge 2020!

How can we make the Philippines better?

It’s a question we regularly ask ourselves even before last year’s Social Innovation Challenge (SIC). A thought that’s driven not by lack of ideas but by our firm belief that we can do more — if others will also be inspired to take part in nation-building. A proposition that paved the way for the SIC with hopes of developing more leaders and social innovations that will help improve the lives of our fellow Filipinos.

Following the program’s successful launch last year, which saw Mike Fua’s First Help (a fresh initiative on mental health awareness) become the first breakout winner, we are excited to share that iVolunteer is now bringing back the Social Innovation Challenge! This time, with emphasis on timely solutions for the societal problems and challenges that have emerged during the 2020 pandemic.

Throughout the program, participants will have a momentous opportunity to work with iVolunteer Philippines in order to make their own disruptive social ideas come to life. It will then culminate with each innovator getting an exclusive chance to pitch their projects to our corporate partners and vie for support, while the winning social innovation will receive an additional grant from iVolunteer and sponsors!

So, who’s up for a challenge?

How to join the Social Innovation Challenge?

The SIC 2020 is open for Filipinos who are not afraid to ask themselves: “What else can I do for my country?” Those who dream of a better Philippines and are willing to take the next step for their vision to become reality. The registration will be open from July 22 (Wednesday) until August 10 (Monday) for participants who are at least 16 years old and are motivated to hone their social idea through our #NewNormal online-based SIC module.

All applications will be screened by iVolunteer.

Much like last year, we will team up with our trusted NGO partners to help innovators prepare for the bigger challenges that await them in the social development sector. Meanwhile, SIC will see a more flexible program this time around as it will be hosted digitally from September to October, featuring essential talks and modules on (1) Nation Building, (2) Sustainability, (3) Integrity, and (4) Volunteer Engagement. All of which should help innovators build sustainable strategies and strong foundations for their social projects.

You may send your inquiries to or sign-up here.

What does social innovation mean for the Philippines?

There are at least 60,000 registered NGO’s in the Philippines, probably more. However, many of these nonprofits continue to struggle with structure and resources, which then hinders their ability to make scalable impact in their communities. Therefore, aside from innovators who wish to start their own organizations, we are also on the look out for those with progressive ideas to improve existing social development models.

A social idea may not always translate to sweeping changes and may instead focus on fundamental developments that can profoundly affect beliefs, culture, resources, and social power structures. Ideas which we believe can come from YOU. So, if you think you have something that will help make the Philippines better, even in a small way, we encourage you to give it a shot and pursue that innovative thought beyond the ongoing crisis. This is your chance to have your idea become part of the #NewNormal! To join the Social Innovation Challenge, just fill out the SIC 2020 application form here.


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