The Treasure That We Find When Giving Back

Giving back through charity, volunteer groups, non-profit organizations or other means are all important in nation building and shaping the future of our society. In fact, without these selfless acts, we might as well have given up on our goal of a better Philippines.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Audrey Hepburn

But that’s the thing, time and time again, we’ve seen people come through and step up. From one stranger to another, from us to the next. There’s always been that everyday hero who’d just come out of nowhere ⁠— straight from a terrible shift, sometimes ⁠— and answer the call.

Which might leave you wondering, “what do they even get from it?” Honestly, it depends. But if there’s anything that always doubles when we give back, people, even with a broken a smile, would tell you its happiness.

Understanding what truly matters

Regardless if it’s volunteering at a local event or making monetary donations, it all evens out. After all, the simplest deed can be enough to ignite change and provide a renewed sense of hope for those who quietly needs it.

One of the struggles most of us face when donating is thinking that we can’t possibly give enough to make a difference. This was true, even for me. What we often forget, however, whether we’re donating or just lending our time to a cause, is that we’re not doing it alone. And that what we’re doing collectively is what will truly matter in the end.

The small acts of kindness we do, however, can also become the ones that would will others to do the same the next day and so on. For all we know, we’re already giving something more than what we thought we’re capable of.

How do we give back? Where to start?

Volunteering is more accessible and actionable today. In our website alone, there are hundreds of volunteer opportunities that you can participate in with friends and family. If you need a place to start, we’re proud to say that we’re just a few clicks away.

Aside from attending an event, we can also promote causes online and through social media. It’s something that’s on us to take advantage of. That, and making sure that our belief actually lives in what we say or do in person.

Don’t forget that the best way to lead is by setting an example to those around us. We might not always be present at volunteer drives and events, but our drive to spread a positive impact should be with us wherever we go.

Lastly, it’s vital for us to remember that giving back comes in many forms, like monetary and donations in kind. Along with other donors, we can even fuel projects and other volunteer opportunities that could help and engage more people than we initially intended to.

Challenges that new volunteers face

It isn’t always straightforward for everyone even when volunteering. There are challenges, which are all valid, that volunteers may face at different parts of their journey. Here are some of those, along with tips on what we can do to overcome these early challenges:

We don’t know what is needed – people will go to great lengths to support those who are in need. But sometimes, we’re stuck simply because we’re not sure of what we can do for others.

  • How to overcome it – take a different approach or look for other opportunities. You shouldn’t just give up your will to help. There has to be a perfect volunteer opportunity for you and it could be hiding in plain sight on our website.

We don’t have time – time constraint is hard to overcome just by sheer will. And it’s usually not our fault either that we can’t catch a break. However, all is not lost.

  • How to overcome it – take the pressure off of yourself by planning ahead or considering other ways to make an impact. Funding a project close to your advocacy, for one, should get you started. There’s great fulfillment in achieving a common goal for the benefit of others.

We don’t know who needs help – not that we’re oblivious to the fact they exist, but we often struggle to identify the victims right away.

  • How to overcome it – use digital platforms to learn more about the community or institution that needs help. Take note of what they need and start with one person or community at a time. Your actions won’t need to have the biggest impact right away.

We’re not ready for it – no one is born like it, but everyone, at their own pace, can take on a bigger role in the community.

  • How to overcome it – we did just mention that we can always start with one person, right? Well, it’s okay if that person is you. It isn’t uncommon for people to volunteer without knowing what they will get in return, besides that exception we mentioned earlier in the blog. The thing is, you mustn’t be scared and even if you are, you should will yourself to take that a leap of faith. The jump and what’s beyond it will be worth it.

The thing about giving back is that the more you become exposed to it, the less likely it is for you to become concerned as to how it all comes in full circle. Although, I can confirm that it always does. Whether that’s a little tap on the shoulder, a simple ‘thank you,’ a cheeky smile, or a footnote in someone else’s story, there is much to be had in letting our selfless side take over.


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