BayaniRun 2018 Raises P250,000 for Charity

A few minutes after the last runner out of the 700 #BayaniRun2018 participants hit the finish line, a mild shower threatened to bring the festivities to a halt. But what’s a little rain when everyone’s having a good time, and for a greater cause? For those in attendance, their smiles simply meant everything was worth it.

Even before things officially got underway, a few volunteers got together at the Liwasang Ullalim, CCP Complex to ensure that #BayaniRun2018 will be just as good, if not better than its inaugural run. By the time the runners arrived, the stage was set and the spirit of volunteerism was again at the center of it all.

BayaniRun Comes Back Stronger in Year Two

iVolunteer’s run for a cause raised a little over P250,000 from the runners who pledged their support to 14 participating NGO. The event also got a nice assist from its sponsors and volunteer staff in the form of backstage personnel, marshals, photographers, and more, including Cara Welfare’s very own volunteer dog who greeted the runners and posed for photos during the event.

bayanirun 2018 ivolunteer cara

The “force” was also stronger this year, thanks to the Star Wars-themed photo booth courtesy of the 501st Legion Philippine Garrison, who came in support of ATD Fourth World.

#BayaniRun2018 exceeded the help it received last year from runners to sponsors, and volunteers. The participants from all around Metro Manila and nearby provinces showed up big-time, including PBA’s Paul Zamar of Blackwater Elite, who rallied everyone at the beginning of each race.

The NGO partners also made the gathering more colorful with some cool merchandise of their own. The attendees eagerly extended their support and took home some additional souvenirs, aside from the medals and certificates they earned from completing their respective 3K, 5K, and 10K run.

The 14 NGOs who partnered with iVolunteer this year were:

We strongly encourage you to go check out these wonderful non-profits to know how you can become a part of what they do, or help them reach more people like you by simply sharing their profiles to your network and friends.

iVolunteer is also here to help you find the perfect NGO based off of your skills and interests. Just visit our website to sign-up and we’ll gladly keep in touch.

Everyone Saves the Day, Again

The beauty of BayaniRun lies in every person who has participated in its two iterations thus far. After all, the event is about people coming in as strangers, then strangers coming together as volunteers.

“Sasama ulit ako (I’ll join again),” Den, a volunteer photographer said while working her first event with iVolunteer. For someone who usually takes photos of landscapes and architectures, it was quite easy for anyone to tell that she was in form and enjoying her new assignment.

Meanwhile, Kevin, whose hobby is taking travel videos, expressed how he personally loved the challenge of covering something new, then doing it for someone else at the same time.

It wasn’t easy, though, since he’s the lone volunteer videographer who covered the event with the iVolunteer staff. If you missed this opportunity, don’t worry, you can still sign up here because we’re definitely going to need more hands for next year.

Runners Meet their Chosen Non-profit Orgs

Another cool thing about BayaniRun is seeing the runners who pledged finally meet the volunteers who represent the organization they chose when they signed up for the event.

“Sa Animal Rescue, sa kanila kami nag-pledge,” shared Emmanuel who was with his high school buddies Michal, Sharon, and Sheena. The friends had a chance to meet and talk with Luzviminda, Animal Rescue PH’s representative and founder.

After the group took photos to commemorate their get-together, they spent the rest of their time checking on other participating organizations.According to Emman, the event also served as an opportunity for them to reconnect while taking a break from their respective colleges.

“May 36 runners kami today, nandito na yung iba,” Mai enthusiastically shared while showing a list of names who have chosen ATD as their partner.

The list featured a mix of current ATD volunteers and those whom they will be meeting for the first time. They also had a few members of the community they’re helping join the fun, which echoed Mai’s statement about how the beneficiaries themselves are helping with the projects of the organization, “We’re not just doing it for them, we’re doing it with them.”

Everyone’s a Winner and a Hero

All those who came out to support #BayaniRun2018 will always be winners and heroes for making the event happen, but at the same time we’re also very proud to share the Top Finishers this year, who still climbed up the stage and were all smiles despite the sudden downpour during the closing ceremony.

10K Top 3 Finishers (Women):

  • Celie Rose Jaro
  • Marge Pabilonia
  • May Ann Alcantara

10K Top 3 Finishers (Men):

  • Jonathan Musenga
  • Rolando Berecasio
  • Mark De Villa

5K Top 3 Finishers (Women):

  • Jasmine Pacheco
  • Aina Martin
  • Riza Tan

5K Top 3 Finishers (Men):

  • Rener Ladera
  • Bogz Lebrilla
  • Ronnie Delfin

3K Top 3 Finishers (Women):

  • Merly Tero
  • Mary Jane Volunta
  • Ina Beatrice Laurente

3K Top 3 Finishers (Men):

  • Jujet De Asis
  • Marjoe Aregador
  • Reskie Cagoco

iVolunteer Executive Director, JB Tan, welcomed everyone on top of the event, while Jasmine Salem closed the program and thanked all those that were in attendance.

In between runs, everyone happily participated in Zumba sessions to keep their blood flowing and have a little fun with some of their new friends. As the event came to a close, the skies cleared and we’re all treated with a scenic rainbow just above the bay, sending everyone home with another token from what we hope was a wonderful and memorable #BayaniRun2018.

This year’s run for a cause was made possible by iVolunteer’s growing list of sponsors, runners, NGO partners, and volunteers.


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