A Volunteer’s Duty

Being able to volunteer means you’re capable of sharing your time, skills, or other resources to those who are in need of help. You’re fortunate to have extra time to spend beyond basic needs; you’re blessed to have honed a skill and leverage it for a social purpose; you’re lucky to have an excess of resources that others can briefly maximize. Some may seem to have more to share but it doesn’t mean they are entitled to privileges; in fact, committing to help also comes with a responsibility.

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March Forth and Do Something

Today, we are celebrating the power of actions—of doing something instead of just planning and of exerting effort instead of making excuses.

We are now on the third month of the year. Another month has come to an end, and a new one is unfolding before our eyes. Continue reading

Nakakatulong Ka Ba?

Nakatutuwa sa panahon ngayon na maraming dumadagsang volunteer. Dahil sa mga makikitang anunsyo sa social media, internet, at telebisyon, maraming nagsisimulang tumulong.

Ang pagvovolunteer ay isang mabuting gawain – karaniwang nakatutulong ito sa komunidad at sa paghubog ng pagkatao at kakayahan ng isang volunteer. Subalit may mga pagkakataon na ang pagvovolunteer ay hindi nakatutulong. Paano nga ba nangyayari na ang isang mabuting hangarin ay hindi nakabubuti? Continue reading

Volunteering, a Different Kind of Romance

Many of us are searching for true love—a soulmate who will make us feel complete in a world that’s ever-changing. But love is a vast enterprise. It’s more than the giddy emotions we have when we see our crushes and more than the palpitations we feel on our first kiss. In limiting our view of love, we forget that true love comes in various forms, and that service is love in its truest form. Continue reading