I am Frizza Antonio, Volunteer by Choice

“Volunteering is an effort that needs nothing but a passionate heart. I look at it as something that adds essence to life. When I first volunteered, I did not expect that I would give it more of myself. But it turned out to be so good that I became hooked to it.


“When I started joining as a volunteer at the tutorial program led by He Cares Foundation, I met Justine, my first student. This kid has great potential. He’s very lively and enthusiastic about learning (especially Math). He giggled when I told him that my name is ‘Frizza (or Freeza) yung kalaban ni Gokuh.’ Then after our session, he introduced me to his friends and everyone was calling out my name as if they have known me for a long time. Maybe they were amazed that someone can actually have this name, not to mention, a girl. So now, every time I introduce myself, I always attach the phrase ‘kalaban ni Gokuh.’

“It changed how I see my name. Before, I hated it because my classmates in elementary often teased me. Now, I realized that my name is actually a blessing. It is unique that people I meet can easily remember it. It is like a tool that makes it easy to build rapport.

“My encounter with Justine and his friends gave me more reasons to volunteer at HeCares. I travel from Pampanga to Quezon City to voluntutor because I love to help out and to meet other volunteers and kids. It makes me feel alive. I love to be a blessing to other people even in a simple way I can. I want to make a huge impact in somebody else’s life and I enjoy what I am doing.”

Volunteer with He Cares Foundation now. Visit www.ivolunteer.com.ph and check their volunteer opportunities. 

by Nenia Dulom, Marketing, iVolunteer Philippines


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