A Firefighter With a Heart

On October 22, 2016 at Karinderia ni Mang Urot, a feeding program by Mr. Benjie Abad in Quezon City, I met Mr. Hamilcar Cabusi. He arrived with his Aunt. Judging from his American accent, I knew instantly that he is not a local. We exchanged stories of how we started volunteering and why we decided to volunteer while waiting for the others and preparing food for the program.


Hamilcar is a 30 year old passionate volunteer firefighter in their community in Spring Valley, California, USA. He got inspired to help others when he rescued a lot of people from a serious fire incident. After this, he felt that the community needs more volunteers to take part in times of emergency. This is when he became more involved and concerned.
According to him, his drive comes from believing that the world is full of great people. Why not help the less fortunate and make positive impact in their lives?

“I may not be the one to light many candles or change many lives for the better. But I would love to be the one to inspire others. Real success is not seeing or rising above others, but bringing those around to succeed together,” he said.

Hamilcar was in the country for a month-long vacation and took the hiatus to experience more volunteering adventures. He first joined the Pandacan Ecology Ministry , a waste management advocacy group, and helped in the garbage segregation. He also volunteered in Hospicio de San Jose, an orphanage in Manila, and then in KMU where we met. He had a list of advocacy programs he wanted to join before returning to the US.


From his story, I believe now that in each and every one of us, there is always someone who defies the awkwardness of reaching out to others; others who really are in need. Hamilcar is not far from succeeding in his personal mission. His desire, enthusiasm, determination, and initiative will bring him there where he can find gratification and worthy rewards of self-fulfillment.

I am fortunate to hear and know this man named Mr. Hamilcar Lucero Cabusi. A firefighter. A volunteer.

If you are interested to volunteer for Karinderia Ni Mang-Urot and Pandacan Ecology Ministry, you can visit iVolunteer Philippines for their volunteer opportunities.


By Nenia Dulom, iVolunteer Philippines


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