What do you envision this world to be?

What is your purpose in life? This is a question we all want to be answered. For Rina, one of the volunteers I met from PPCRV (manual count of the 2016 election returns), she genuinely believes that doing her best in helping others is her mission in life.

A student from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Rina is currently the Executive Council President of the university’s Emergency Response Group (ERG), a rescue volunteer organization that primarily upholds the spirit of volunteerism within the community. She’s one of those who were captured by the spirit of the organization, and eventually one of the few who remained active from her batch.

During the manual count activity at PPCRV, she arrived alone. I already sense her genuine spirit, as she asked the question, “I’m one of the volunteers, what should I do?” As we talked, I found out that she’s been spending her summer joining volunteer activities available via the iVolunteer website. With or without her friends, she’d go as long as she’s able.

“I think doing activities that have a purpose and are meaningful are SO MUCH BETTER than doing things that have no sense at all. Some may shake their heads on this, but i think it’s just all about perspective.”

Life for her is to live for others and not for herself alone. According to Rina, showing compassion to other people especially those in need, and initiating solutions to existing social problems would be the best way to show our love for God.

She joined me in one of my trips to Project Pearls in Tondo and she’s now planning to sponsor one day of feeding in celebration of her birthday.

“I imagine a world full of love and selflessness. People helping hand-in-hand without thinking of anything in return. This is undoubtedly very idealistic, but I can’t deny that this is the vision I have for us.”

So go out more, observe, listen, take action, appreciate, inspire and influence. For we do not do good to be loved, but because we are loved, then we can do even greater things.

How far are we in making our visions real? I hope that a student like Rina would awake our compassionate spirit within – there’s so much we can do for our fellow brothers and sisters. Volunteer now.

Visit https://ivolunteer.com.ph/events for other volunteer opportunities!

Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you”—when you already have it with you. Proverbs 3:28


By Dhemi Sable


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