Volunteering: food for the soul

Project Pearl’s feeding activity at Tondo Manila

We all love to eat. We always look forward to a hearty meal after a hard day’s work. Even just a quick but sumptuous merienda in the afternoon is enough to light us up. And we also know sharing our food with good company, especially our loved ones is just priceless. We love it so much, it’s usually our first question or greeting – “Kumain ka na ba?!” And oftentimes, we do not really mind if we put on a little weight, as long as our stomach is full, because for most of us, it doesn’t take much to make us happy.

Now, imagine skipping a meal just for a day. We become grumpy, impatient, and frustrated. In short, an irreversible damage ensues, and our whole day is automatically ruined. In reality, not all of us could afford to whine if for some reason, there is no source of food when it’s time to eat. Some of us have no choice but to go on through the day finding ways to fill in empty stomachs, or maybe trying to forget about it completely. Yes, these children know the drill so well.

And so maybe it’s time you make them look forward to waking up in the morning again. It doesn’t have to be a feast – just a simple and straightforward meal to start-off their day. It may also not seem much, but if you ask every child in a feeding program, each of them will say they had such a good meal. For every time you spend a meal together with the ones who need it the most, that person’s heart could not be any fuller. And it goes both ways as well.

When was the last time you were full? As in really full. We hope you find yourself asking any of these kids or those in your community, this question – “Let’s eat?”

Project Pearls and Karinderia ni Mang Urot are just a few among the many non-government organizations who offer volunteer opportunities focusing on nutrition and feeding.

Join any of these activities through iVolunteer , and we promise you’d want another serving.

Visit https://ivolunteer.com.ph/events for other volunteer opportunities!

By Dhemi Sable and Celina Baylon


2 thoughts on “Volunteering: food for the soul

    1. We are more than happy to know that we’ve sparked the spirit of volunteerism in you. Keep it burning. Thank you! See you in our upcoming volunteer activities!

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