Be the Miracle!

It started with a click on the keyboard. Minutes later, a text confirmed the venue and gave detailed directions.

I did not have a hard time finding the place. As I turned left to Mines St., Quezon City, I saw a humble structure where people, mostly children and the youth, were alternately entering or exiting from a small steel gate of that abode. I knew then it was the exact location.

Inside the dwelling was where the marvel began. I met several kids whom I thought had been deprived. Some little kids wore only tattered shirts sans any shorts and walked barefoot. Others, clutched in their hands pens and papers showed in their tiny faces expressions of anticipation. On one side, boys were actually wrestling each other while some girls seemed to be enjoying watching them pinning each other to the ground. I would have thought of a riot of little people going on that time if I hadn’t known my purpose of being there, that is, to help tutor these children.

When Ms. Shannon, in-charge of the outreach program, summoned the kids to sit down, they were very eager to take their seats to learn. All volunteers too abruptly took the roles as tutors. It was two hours of interaction with them. They asked questions mostly about Math and English, and a little about Science. Kids also shared stories of summer and school experiences.


The time may be too short for these youngsters to learn but I already felt the genuine joy which exuded in their lovely smiles. They were oozing with happiness, maybe thinking that there are strangers who are willing to exert effort in spending time with them. I could see the sincere appreciation they felt inside them which they showed by hugging some volunteer tutors & wanting to be beside us even after the tutorials ended. In that brief moment, I knew we built hopes in their hearts. That despite life’s adversity, there is wonder awaiting to be revealed.

Most people probably don’t believe in miracles, but I do. Today, I realized that it occurs naturally in our expressions of love. The reason why I volunteered to tutor is because of my love to help the poor children. The dire need to at least ease them of their pains, which these little ones may be aware of but can’t complain. I know the volunteers and I had shown our love to these unprivileged children by inspiring them to be better people and instigating in their hearts the hope that life will be much better in the future. Now THAT IS a miracle!

-Onna Entice Ko


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