Hear From Your Everyday Heroes: The Bermudez Family’s Tree Planting Weekend

At 5 in the morning last November 10, the enthusiastic Bermudez Family marched to the 7-11 near the headquarters of MMDA along EDSA. Excited for the tree planting activity that Sunday, Tita Susan, John and Suzi geared up to spend their free time contributing to the vision of MMDA to plant 10,000 trees at their landfill in San Mateo, Rizal.

It definitely inspires us at iVolunteer to see a family who would sacrifice their regular Sunday bonding time by volunteering to help build a better community for San Mateo. They were actually so eager to participate, they went ahead of the volunteer bus so that they could maximize their contributions!

Below, siblings Suzi and John graciously took the time to share snippets of their volunteer experience with us:

Suzi: Matagal na kasi ako naghahanap kung saan pwede magvolunteer ng maikling oras lang. Lalo na yung tree planting, pampabawas ng carbon footprint. Tsaka tulong na rin pambawas baha. Buti na lang meron sa iVolunteer. Inaaya ko rin yung pamilya ko, baka kasi type rin nila.

John: I’ll just sum up what I have come to realize after attending the tree planting activity we just finished. You get to meet really friendly people, have an interesting break from usual work routine, good bonding especially with your family, nice exercise, and a deed that would most likely benefit one person or the generations to come. Two thumbs up for iVolunteer!

The Bermudez Family is a shining example of the future we envision in iVolunteer, where volunteering is top-of-mind when people think of what to do during their leisure time – whether it is a family outing, barkada getaway, organization team building or even a couple’s romantic date! Thank you for spending your time volunteering with us, Bermudez Family!


(from left to right) Dennis, Demi, Nel, Samantha, Susan, Suzi, John, Monette, Mercy


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