Submit Your Applications Now for Social Innovation Challenge 2021 (SIC) and Realize Your Dream as A Changemaker

iVolunteer Philippines is launching the Social Innovation Challenge 2021 (SIC) with the same goal — help volunteer leaders maximize the positive impact they can bring to their community! Building on the success of the SIC 2019 & 2020, the program will continue to serve as a platform for volunteer leaders to address various social concerns through their creative social innovations. With iVolunteer’s guidance, a new breed of innovators will once again get the chance to further shape their ideas, improve on their leadership skills, and strengthen their network, as they attempt to pursue their respective nation-building efforts.

challenge yourself & social ideas

While it is true that everything begins as an idea, those without action and courage behind it, as well as ample opportunity, often go astray.

The social innovation challenge intends to support Filipino innovators who are passionate to give back to our country. We have done this to great effect in the past two years through a series of learning activities and networking opportunities, while also providing our innovators a platform where they can meet like-minded people who share their drive for a better Philippines. Much like last year, the entire SIC program will take place online!

Here are the guidelines about the program:

  1. Volunteer leaders who have recently (< 2 years) started their social innovation can join the program.
  2. Participants could join as individuals or in pairs for the same idea.
  3. Volunteer leaders should have an identified community that they are helping.
  4. Volunteer leaders should already have a clear idea on a potential solution to an existing social challenge and a partner community in mind.
  5. The initiative should be non-profit and not a social enterprise and has potential to engage volunteers and provide them an opportunity to be involved in the solution.
  6. The program will run from June to December 2021 wherein the participants should be ready to commit all throughout the duration of the program for both phases as follows:
    • Phase 1 (June 2021) – month-long workshops and live table discussion are to be done every Saturday afternoon including mentorship, collaboration, pitching, and networking with both the development and private sectors; pre-work will also be required prior the live table discussion;
    • Phase 2 (July to December 2021) – 6mos. incubation period including monthly checkpoints that will be done every second Saturday of the month
  7. A bond of Php3,000.00 (single participant) or Php4,000.00 (for two participants), in cash or in check, shall be required to ensure commitment to the program. The bond shall be returned in full after the duration of the program if with complete attendance for all the workshop sessions.
  8. The idea that creates the best impact after the incubation will receive a cash prize from our corporate sponsors. The criteria will include transformation done to the members of a community and the number of volunteers engaged throughout the process.
  9. Deadline of submission is on April 30, 2021 (Friday). If you are joining in pairs, each member of the pair will need to apply separately. No guarantee that both members will be accepted.

You may send your inquiries to or submit your applications HERE. Innovators will have until the end of April to submit and confirm their applications! Thereafter, the selected participants will go through iVolunteer’s screening process.

The SIC 2021 will run from June to December 2021 where participants are expected to commit throughout the program by attending the workshops and succeeding monthly checkpoints. The winning social innovation will also receive a cash grant by the end of the program! You may now submit your applications here:


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