iVolunTree for Christmas: Gift Love Through the iVolunTree

Volunteering can lead us to some of the most meaningful and profound experiences in life. As Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” We can say that ‘living’ is what each of us are wired to do, but to find meaning in the cause and how we do it is a choice we make for ourselves along the way.

Look, the “Season of Giving” is upon us but if you think about it, giving back never really goes out of style. We just have a knack for finding ways to make it even more special and perhaps personal, on certain occasions. It is us who come and go. We all have our seasons. That’s why what we are yearning for is for you to find it in your heart to spend some of your own giving season with us and our partners.

This 2020, we invite you to plant the seeds of hope through iVolunTree for Christmas: Gift Love Through the iVolunTree. Our goal is to deliver the most meaningful gifts to the greatest number of people, and we are inviting YOU to be part of this cause!

Visit [https://www.ivolunteer.com.ph/] to learn more.

Gift Love Through the iVolunTree

iVolunTree aims to support our most beloved NGO partners who continue to serve least-advantaged communities amid the pandemic.

You can participate in the iVolunTree for Christmas campaign as an individual, group, or corporation by extending your heart to different organizations and communities or by simply supporting the advocacy that you love.

Your pledge and donation will help fulfill wishes (e.g. operational items, Noche Buena packages, learning materials) that will impact lives of our beneficiaries in a multitude of ways:

Under the Bridge
250 pcs. apples
250 pcs. canned meat
250 kgs. of rice
500 pcs. of ramen noodles
Binhi Foundation16 GB flash drives
33 sets (12s) Mongol Pencil
with eraser
Citizen’s Disaster
Response Center
Coalition of
Services of Elderly
Mercury Drug Certificates
CRIBS FoundationLa Germania Gas Range
Heart WarriorsNoche Buena Package (spaghetti, meat loaf,
corned beef,cheese, Bear Brand powdered
Juan Portrait300 face masks
300 face shields
20 rims of A4 bond paper
Kythe Foundation200 Vitamin C
100 Children’s face mask with
100 doctor toy set
Philippine Jesuit
Prison Service
Noche Buena Package
Assistance Canada
Bundles of Hope Packages [5 kg. of rice, 1 kg. pasta and sauce, canned sardines, corned beef and tuna, toiletry items (shampoo, toothpaste, body soap) and laundry soap].
Project PearlsCare pack (1 set towel, 2pcs canned goods, 1 pc toothbrush, 2 pcs toothpaste sachets ,1 soap,2 pcs shampoo sachets, 1 pc noodles, 2 pcs cupcake, 3 pcs facemasks).
The Storytelling
Copier Printer

To build on what we started with Treasure Volunteer, we have teamed up with twelve (12) of our beloved NGO partners who are looking for the perfect gift this Christmas!

Aral Pinoy

Advocacy: Education | Founded: 2010

Aral Pinoy has been a staple in the social development sector for more than 10 years; serving and educating marginalized and disenfranchised groups in resource-limited areas of Luzon. While much of their learning sessions were hampered by COVID-19, the organization continues to provide essential support and supplies to hundreds of affected families.

Binhi English Literacy Foundation Inc.

Advocacy: Education | Founded: 2008

The Binhi English Literacy Foundation, Inc. is an NGO founded in Manila in 2008 to help children ages 5-11 who are out of school or in school but at risk of dropping out. BINHI English Literacy Foundation aims to plant seeds of empowerment among Filipino children through its DepEd Adopt-a-School accredited literacy program.

Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

Advocacy: Disaster Risk Management | Founded: 1985

The Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) is a non-government organization that pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management in the Philippines. CDRC operates nationwide through a network of regional centers affiliated with the Citizens’ Disaster Response Network (CDRN) and through people’s organizations.

Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc

Advocacy: Welfare| Founded: 1989

Founded in 1989, the Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Inc. (COSE)
bases its mission on the tradition of respecting older persons and
supporting community-based programs. COSE assists older persons to continue living in their communities and contributing to the lives of others.

CRIBS Foundation

Advocacy: Children| Founded: 1974

CRIBS Foundation is a non-profit organization licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) providing a loving and safe environment for the abandoned, neglected, surrendered babies and female minor survivors of sexual abuse.

Heart Warriors

Advocacy: Health| Founded: 2011

Heart Warriors Philippines is a group of people who aims to spread
awareness of congenital and acquired heart defects and provide
information or any form of assistance that can help our fellow brothers
and sisters. It also seeks donors and benefactors who will give financial
and moral support to families living with a congenital acquired heart disease patient.

Juan Portrait

Advocacy: Arts and Culture| Founded: 2013

Juan Portrait is a Filipino organization of photographers, writers,
professionals, students, and volunteers from every walk of life coming
together to give back to the community through photography, workshops, and other community-empowering events. They have held photography-related projects like “Project ID” wherein they go to schools in far-flung communities to help create school IDs for students.

Kythe Foundation

Advocacy: Health| Founded: 1992

Kythe is a non-profit, non-stock organization aimed towards improving the quality of life among hospitalized children with cancer and other chronic illnesses. They are a group of trained professionals providing the Child Life Program. As the only foundation in the Philippines offering the Kythe Child Life Program, they have provided psychosocial support to over 11,000 children with cancer and other chronic illnesses and their families since 1992.

Philippine Jesuit Prison Services

Advocacy: Welfare| Founded: 1994

Philippine Jesuit Prison Services (PJPS) was established in 1994 as a non-profit organization with a mission that shares the transforming love and mercy of God through the holistic rehabilitation of incarcerated persons, their families, and the prison community as a whole.

Progressive Assistance Canada

Advocacy: Education| Founded: 2016

Progressive Assistance Canada (PAC) is a Canadian-based Charitable Organization (Registered Charity) operating in the Philippines as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), seeking to alleviate the cycle of poverty in the most vulnerable and disenfranchised Filipino Barangays or communities. Addressing the root causes of the cycle of poverty, their programs are based on collaborative holistic systems-based approaches crafted to maximize sustainable development and Barangay self-sufficiency.

Project Pearls

Advocacy: Children| Founded: 2008

Project PEARLS’ main mission is to help children get out of poverty and to enable them to achieve their dreams. To do this, they give them opportunities through scholarship grants and educational resources. Educating the children will allow them to have a better future, thus, breaking away from the vicious cycle of poverty.

The Storytelling Project

Advocacy: Education Founded: 2012

The Storytelling Project (TSP) is an NGO which aims to build a
nation of readers and spread the love for reading across the nation. Their activities include partnering with communities (e.g. Pagsawitan Elementary School in Laguna, Museo Pambata kids, Batuhan East Elementary School in Masbate) for a 21-day storytelling program followed by once a week storytelling.

To donate or learn more, send us an email at connect@ivolunteer.com.ph.


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