Go Volunteer 2019: Discover Yourself Through Volunteering

The Go Volunteer Expo made a successful return last weekend (April 6 and 7) with a simple but powerful goal: ‘To help more Filipinos discover themselves through volunteerism.’

There was a time when volunteering wasn’t accessible for all, even to those who are ready. Which is why ten years ago, Bel Padlan and JB Tan founded iVolunteer Philippines. Since then, the organization has helped thousands of Filipino volunteers form a lasting bond with the communities and NGOs that share the dream of a better Philippines.

Entering its 10th year, it’s almost inevitable that iVolunteer would bring back The Go Volunteer Expo. After all, it’s the perfect event for our NGO partners and Filipinos from all walks of life to just meet each other and discover what it is that they have in common.

An opportunity to make a difference

Go Volunteer allowed our fellow Filipinos to see just how diverse the volunteering community is in our country, which is something that really brought joy to those who came to the event looking to sign up.

A common challenge for those who want to volunteer is finding an organization that reflects their passion or advocacy. The Expo, of course, took that hurdle away as it hosted 25 NGOs that offered a variety of opportunities that guests were able to freely choose from.

There were also events and entertainment booths that welcomed curious mall goers to the neatly setup Glorietta Activity Center. Which, in turn, led them to discover volunteerism in a way that’s refreshing and interactive. In fact, the two-day event managed to draw hundreds of new volunteer registrations on our website alone.

A day to honor our partners and fellow volunteers

Community partners and NGO representatives also took turns in entertaining and educating the crowd about volunteerism during the main program. Speakers from different organizations shared their heartwarming stories, while others wowed the crowd with their performances across the 2-day event, which inspired many attendees to start their own volunteering journey that day by learning more about the NGOs they’re interested in.

Along with the staff, iVolunteer also had help from external volunteers and sponsors in making Go Volunteer 2019 a huge success. On the other hand, some of our partners, new and old, were duly recognized on stage and through our Hall of Heroes that stood near the center of the Activity Center for all to see.

A new generation of “Everyday Filipino Heroes”

Ultimately, Go Volunteer’s success doesn’t just rest on the number of people who came forward and supported the event. In fact, it’s more about the lasting impact that the expo is set to have on those who were in attendance.

Joyce Armillo, who is one our own, started her volunteering journey three years ago in the inaugural Go Volunteer. She went on to become a key member of our staff and also an avid volunteer to one of our partner organizations. Her story is one the reasons why Go Volunteer is an event that we celebrate and really look forward to. It’s a story that we hope would transcend to those who attended the Go Volunteer 2019.


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