A Call for Heroes

As the cries of the weak echo louder than ever
And their tears overflow ever faster
Let apathy turn into sympathy
And disgust into kindness

Let not the children of the poor grow aimlessly
With dirt on their skin, and ignorance on their heads
Wanting to learn but needing to earn
Outstripped of childhood and compelled to toil

Let not the animals suffer for man’s cruelty
Abandoned, injured and uncared for
With fear in their eyes and distrust in their hearts
With trash as their food and roads as their beds
Desiring only the warmth of a forever home

Let not the elderly people wither in nursing homes
Bearing the pain of neglect on their feeble shoulders
With numbered days, but limitless hours to waste
With but a few smiles and countless heavy sighs

This world is in dire need of heroes
So if you are not someone in need
Then become someone’s hope today
Heed the call of genuine service
And believe in the power of small gestures

Stand up, and stand firm
Stretch your arms and open your hearts
Lend your strength, and become a hero
Remember that where there is love, there is hope

Lorraine Rañoa, iVolunteer Philippines


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