A Guide to Your Volunteering Journey Based on Your Ruling Planet

It’s Space Exploration Day! And to celebrate the advancements brought about by Space Exploration, we’re paying tribute to the members of our solar system–the Sun, the Moon, and the planets–not only as subjects of the scientific community but also as guides to our daily lives.

You may or may not believe in Western Astrology, but you still probably know what your zodiac sign is, or have read your horoscope once or twice on a Sunday newspaper. If you are a little more invested, you also most likely know that there is a ruling planet associated with each of the signs. Click here to know your ruling planet.

Today is Space Exploration Day and everyday is ‘Make the Earth a Better Place’ Day. We want to be a launching pad for your volunteering journey. If you hadn’t yet had the inspiration to kick-start this new adventure, read below to discover some of the simplest things you can do to help create a better Earth.

Just keep in mind that this is only a guide. And to all aspiring volunteers, here’s to you from Arthur Ashe: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

The Sun

Lions are ruled by the Sun, the central star of our Solar system. Likewise, Leos are in their best element when they are the focus of attention. These people are confident and will not shy away from the limelight.

What you can do: Step up! Teach children a dance lesson. Sing your nationalist heart out. Host a volunteering orientation. Share one of your many gifts to a fundraiser. Do the thing that keeps your flames burning and start a wildfire in the hearts of people with whom you share it with. Learn more and get inspiration on these activities here and here.

The Moon

Forty-eight years ago, on July 20, 1969, the first human footsteps were imprinted on the moon. We have gone far (literally)! And we will surely go farther and further in the years to come. Though in the midst of mankind moving forward, it is a comforting thought that we always have a home to come back to. The moon rules Cancer. These people are the nurturers and are best at creating a sense of familiarity even to strangers on the outset. They are best at creating a feeling of home.

What you can do: Feed the hungry. Read a good story to children, or play with them. Go to the indigents. Live up to being a caretaker of the Earth and help build a world with fewer boundaries.


The smallest planet (after Pluto’s downgrade to a dwarf planet) in our solar system is also the fastest in its orbit. While the Earth takes 365.25 days to complete a revolution, Mercury takes only 88. This planet is the ruler of Gemini, the communicator; and of Virgo, the perfectionist. These signs value communication, knowledge, and intelligence; and have minds that always work on a rapid pace—translating thoughts to words, and vice versa.

What you can do: Spread the word! Raise awareness about the causes you care about. The internet is an amazing tool—use it to your favor. Start a blog, or a Youtube channel. Fill it with contents that matter to you, the environment, the less fortunate, or the children. The list is endless.


The Earth’s twin planet is unique indeed. Its clockwise rotation is a revolt against the rest of the planets. Beautiful Venus is also the third brightest object in the sky (after the Sun and the Moon). Just like Venus, Librans and Taureans are endowed with creativity and peculiar skill sets that brighten even the darkest of times.

What you can do: Share your craft! Teach a drawing class. Promote a purpose with your mural paintings. Support the preservation of the works that has been your inspiration. Speak through your art. Believe that you can make a difference by being uniquely you. Learn more and get inspiration on these activities here and here.


The red planet is home to the highest mountain known to the solar system, the Olympus Mons, standing at 72,000 feet. That’s more than twice the height of our Mount Everest! Mars rules Aries. These people are born leaders and are not afraid to soar great heights, not even Olympus Mons.

What you can do: You are probably already a leader at school. Why not extend it to your community? Lead a small church group. Find an organization devoted to youth development and showcase your leadership skills. This way you are helping create a better world and a better you. Learn more and get inspiration on these activities here.


Astronomers have long been fascinated by the Great Red Spot–a giant storm on Jupiter’s surface, believed to be in existence for more than three centuries. Rival to the surge of this great storm, is the insatiable thirst for adventure of the Sagittarians.

What you can do: Pack your bags and go on an adventure now. Go tree planting on mountain sides. Run for your cause. Go to a place you’ve never been and start your journey to living life to the full while making others’ lives better too. Carpe Diem!


Saturn, the second largest planet in our Solar System, can swallow 764 Earths. But hey, do not be fooled by its size as its density is so low it can float on water. Saturn rules Capricorn, the strategists who can rise above any challenge. Through discipline and being organized, these people are able to accomplish the tasks at hand. They plan ahead and cannot be drowned with pressures.

What you can do: Whatever you commit to, you are sure to see it through. Create your own event! You enjoy planning and organizing the nitty-gritty to perfection. Let the benefits of your ability extend to people in need. Learn more and get inspiration on these activities here.


An oddball planet. With its axis tilted at 98 degrees (Earth’s axis is tilted at 23.5 degrees), it essentially spins on its side. Like this eccentric planet, the Aquarians are the thinkers and philosophers. These people often offer a ‘tilted’ perspective on things.

What you can do: Share your unique perspectives! Be a tutor. Teach young minds. It is you who will not only show them how to read, write, and count, but also train them how to think.


The farthest planet from the sun, thus, the coolest one too. It is the ruler of Pisces. For these people, distance is not an excuse to not lend a hand. It may be cold here but the Pisceans are rather warm, sensitive, compassionate, and selfless people.

What you can do: Find the nearest charity that serves your cause and give back. Not just money, old clothes, books, or toys. You are a generous spirit, and the world needs more of you.


In July 2015, the world was captivated by what is dubbed as Pluto’s ‘heart’ or scientifically, the Sputnik Planitia. It is later discovered that this huge heart-shaped region on the planet’s surface is mostly glaciers, a lot of which were made of nitrogen ice. Pluto rules the sign Scorpio. And like the former, Scorpions have a big heart too. But unlike the Sputnik Planitia, their hearts are not made of ice. They are instead some of the most passionate, driven, and determined people.

What you can do: Use your strengths to mediate in times of distress or calamity. Be the first to respond at an emergency situation. Your passion to help and composure at difficult times is what can make all the difference.

It is truly mysterious and fascinating what lies outside of Earth—the diversity of the universe, and the possibility of life. And while we are in continuous search of new planets and new life forms, let us not forget to take care of the ones that are already our own.

by Gie Maningas, iVolunteer Philippines


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