Volunteering While Studying

University life is all about the experiences or at least so we were told. While studying and partying may take up a lot of time, making space for some voluntary work can really add value to one’s overall university experience.

Many college students exit the world of higher education with volunteer experience under their belts. John Christian Marquez is one. He volunteered to get an opportunity to see the theory in practice in the IT industry.

Getting Involved Outside of School

John is a 20 year-old fresh graduate from Marikina. He has a remarkable experience being a student volunteer in various non-government organizations. He started volunteering in third year college as student ambassador for Mozilla Philippines. As student ambassador, he promoted online privacy awareness. He has also been volunteering in other nonprofits since May 2015. He sees that there are other opportunities out there.


Involvement in volunteer work may lead one to meeting people they wouldn’t have otherwise met, especially if community services take place off of school grounds.

Being a Student Ambassador for Mozilla Philippines

Mozilla has a mission to promote openness, innovation, and opportunity on the web. They throw campus and school events teaching people how to code, build apps, and create awesome things online. Their student ambassadors tackle new challenges daily to fight for online privacy and the open web.

Over time Mozilla Philippines has learned to be more than a nonprofit organisation. They need student ambassadors to raise awareness about the benefits of Firefox and other Mozilla products. John was one of the Firefox Student Ambassadors who are passionate about Mozilla, the open web, and the many benefits of Firefox and its products. As a student ambassador, he promoted Firefox and online privacy awareness. He educated others about Mozilla’s mission. He led campaigns and projects in colleges and communities to encourage others to contribute.


John Christian Marquez volunteering at DevCon Philippines.

As part of Firefox’ Ambassadors, John has a purpose, a mission, and a vision. Mozilla Philippines has a program that grows and comes closer and closer to changing the world.

Start exploring opportunities to volunteer now by visiting www.ivolunteer.com.ph.

by Guia Marcelo, iVolunteer Philippines


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