7 Days of Being Earth Friendly

Join us as we celebrate Earth Day. In the next 7 days, we will be posting challenges that promote earth-friendly habits. Follow us daily, snap a creative photo while doing our challenge, use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag, be featured, and win a prize from us.

Earth Challenges

Day 1: Go strawless
In the US alone, about 500M plastic straws are used each day. That’s about 22.7 metric tons of plastic waste for short-lived convenience. Skip using one this time and make a difference.

Tell us about it. Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.

Day 2: Walk
As of June 2016, vehicle emission was pointed as the leading factor that contributed 69% to the country’s air pollution. 90% of which came from Metro Manila. Going somewhere near? Stretch your legs, walk, and make mother Earth happy.

Share the experience with us. Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.

Vehicles are the top contributor to air pollution in the Philippines – DENR

Day 3: Use a mug
About 17% of garbage from Metro Manila is paper. We can still lower that. Order your coffee in a mug today or use your favourite one. Share us your photo and don’t forget to enjoy your drink.

Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.

Metro Manila produces a fourth of Philippine garbage

Day 4: Cook lunch
In the Philippines, about 74% of plastics leaking into the ocean are from the garbage collected by haulers and garbage trucks. That includes the containers used for our lunch. Bring your own baon today. Save money. Save the earth.

Share with us a photo of your meal. Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.


Day 5: Get some down time on mobile usage
No matter how we charge our mobile devices, all energy sources have some impact in our environment. Why not take some time off your mobile device? Save energy and enjoy a good face-to-face chat with friends or a good book.

Tell us about it. Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.


Day 6: Clean up
Remember what they said in your scouting days? Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it. Why not clean your campground this weekend and set an example?

Show us how you did it. Use the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.

Day 7: Advocate
Spread awareness. Inspire people. There’s probably something about the environment in your daily reading. Share what inspired you through social media. We’ll follow you through the #iVolunteerForEarth hashtag.

by Mark Badiola, iVolunteer Philippines


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