iVolunteer Philippines has stretched again our capacity as a volunteer organization to inspire more Filipinos to take part in our dream to have a BETTER PHILIPPINES.

This year 4,500 Filipinos took part in our call to help our partner communities. We have accounted a total of about 8,000 Filipinos to-date who have taken part in this revolution. We are energized by the 20,000 Filipinos who participated in our Go Volunteer! Expo last March 2016 which has become the biggest volunteer expo in the country; this proves that a lot of us are together in this journey. We continue to educate deeper with our own community meet-ups, and training for our government and non-government partners. We provided more awareness across all our social media channels with now a total of 38,000 Filipinos trusting and listening to us. We have launched an on-going TV campaign with 2nd Avenue through showcasing stories of everyday heroes.

We have started exploring how to reach more Filipinos outside of Metro Manila. Last October, we had a discussion with NGOs in Davao and how we can activate volunteerism in Mindanao. We will continue to explore other major cities soon.


We continue to leverage on partnerships as we believe that we can only move the country if everybody is on-boarded with this dream. This year, we have made new partnerships with 95 volunteer-engaging organizations. Our partners have produced 610 volunteer events with a total of 18,000 volunteer opportunities. Thank you to our partners for ensuring that our volunteers create a meaningful impact to the communities they serve and for helping to grow them as caring Filipinos. We had major partnerships with PPCRV to engage volunteer to do parallel counting last elections and UNDP to verify that the computers donated to public school were delivered. We had 2 NGO-community meet-up which enabled our partners to work even better together and share their resources.


We also want to thank the following institutions for giving us the opportunity to talk to more Filipinos in different forums and occasions – Net25, Radyo Singko, DZMM, Radyo Inquirer, DZXL 558, DWAD 1098, DSWD Bayanihang Bayan Launch, Philippine National University and St. Therese College.

Thank you as well for supporting our 2 fundraising efforts which helped us sustain our operations. You can continue support us by buying our iVolunteer merchandise through this form.

Lastly, we are humbled by the recognition we received from the following: Best Campaign Winner and Finalist for the Philippine & ASEAN Rice Bowl Start-up Awards; Boss for Social Responsibility Finalist for PLDT’s Be the Boss Awards; and Finalist for CSR Youth Awards.

Moving to 2017, we will continue to innovate new ways to talk about our advocacy. We will reach more Filipinos not only in Metro Manila but all over the country and we will touch more communities to ensure we impact the lives of both the volunteers and our partner’s beneficiaries.

Take this adventure with us; invite your friends and families to become someone’s everyday hero! Visit our website now –!

by JB Tan, volunteer and Executive Director – iVolunteer Philippines


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