iVolunteer-ed for #ChangePH

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

This year’s Social Media Day #ChangePH made us believe that anything is possible, that #ChangePH is not a far-off reality for as long as we unite—as a community, united by one cause—to shape the nation for the better. Inspired by this year’s theme and focus on communities, we at iVolunteer Philippines participated in the event not just with our booth, but with both our hearts and minds shouting a resounding YES to the aspiration behind #ChangePH.

With less than two weeks to prepare for our booth, we had to run on passion and guts on top of creativity and hard work as our fuel. We wanted a booth that will be a source of inspiration to #ChangePH, and we had to step out of our comfort zone to make this happen. As the event drew to a close, as a team we were able to pull things off as a team. As they say, you will never know the possibilities that lie beyond challenges unless you try, and that’s exactly how we felt with this event. Indeed, amazing things really do happen when you say yes to challenges and work as a team and as a community.

SMD03-Carrine excited

We were overwhelmed by the response of the participants who came to visit our booth and shared their message of inspiration for #ChangePH on that day, even those who simply beamed at the sight of our Good Vibes circle—more so those who took pictures of and with it. We hoped to bring smiles and inspiration to people and yet, we ended up on the receiving end of the spectrum with the outpouring of love from our dear visitors.

Volunteering is within reach
In the nuggets of activities we had, we wanted to show that volunteering is within everyone’s reach—no matter what age, no matter what walk of life you are from. Volunteering can be as simple as sharing a message of hope and inspiration, spreading good vibes with a simple (street) art, or sharing stories filled with wonderful memories of volunteering.

Changing the Philippines might seem like an impossible feat, but we can do this if we all work together. We can start this by sharing good vibes each day and creating a cycle of positive deeds. Small things done with great love—they have changed the world and will continue to, for as long as we spread goodness and kindness wherever we go.

SMD05 - Bookmarks

I can only hope we got our message across, and see more and more people pass on the good and spread the fire for volunteerism. It inspires us to know that the event itself, organized by TweetupMNL, was run by 100% volunteers; the rest of the communities too, for sure. It was great to know that beyond the four corners of our booth, the passion for volunteerism is alive and thriving in the communities who united for #ChangePH. Amazing things happen when communities unite for a cause. Anything is possible; #ChangePH is possible—with volunteers like you and me.

– by Jenny Ngo Gui, Social Media Manager of iVolunteer Philippines


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