Do Good and Do More

“This is not a feel-good experience. This is a reminder and commitment to DO better.”
― Marc Sebastian, Gawad Kalinga

Five days later and I’m home. I’m sunburnt, I have an early day tomorrow since it’s back to work, and my dog seems to have decided to punish me for abandoning him (he keeps cuddling against my sister instead of me and it’s making me jealous).

But I’m happy and unsatisfied. I’m happy because this was proof and a reminder that where I’m at right now and the work we do in iVolunteer is an amazing purpose and vehicle for a stronger, united Philippines. I’m unsatisfied because I left feeling like five days wasn’t enough; I wanted to do more within the community.

When I’m back to my routine and the five-day fervor created by my fellow volunteers, friendly locals, and the pride I had in the work I put in under the blistering heat has cycled out of my veins, I’ll make a note to remember all of this. This wasn’t a feel-good, one-time experience. This was a reminder and commitment to do good.

Being unsatisfied is a good thing. I want to stay hungry and feel the need to keep doing more.

Amanda is a dork who likes to pretend that she’s a dog whisperer (but her Boston Terrier named Mozzie begs to differ). She signed on for a five-day Bayani Challenge to #endpoverty. Are you ready to answer the challenge? Check out and register now!


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