I want to do all I can do for this town (con’t.)

by Deanie Lyn Ocampo
Volunteering, No.5

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“Pwede Na” (Bamban, Tarlac) by Ganny Tan

Everyday heroes are those who thrive on getting things done and making things work locally. They overcome difficulties on the ground. They are skilled in adjusting and identifying priorities: if national politics is too disheartening, then they get their hands soiled down-to-earth to unceasingly help the common folk.

Rizal gave his talents to Dapitan because he knew that it is a community capable of attaining development and self reliance. Today, we too can envision the same for each barangay, municipality, city or province in our country.

Inspired by our national hero’s volunteer efforts in Dapitan, you can also be an everyday hero like him! Here are 11 volunteering ideas on community development and local governance which you can do this 2011:

1. Access and read the very important Medium-Term Development Plan of your municipality/city (not just the Annual Investment Plan) and interview your local planning and development coordinator regarding issues your local government faces.

“Bigger Kondol” by Ganny Tan

2. Help improve the efficiency of barangay agricultural support services such as the distribution system of planting materials and operation of collection and buying stations of farm produce.

3. Help design better curricula for young children in the kindergarten classes of your public schools. Develop instructional materials for teachers, share creative activities they can do, or teach them how to compose songs, poems and stories.

4. Get hold of the most recent DSWD accreditation results of day care workers and centers in your barangays. What do they have to improve on? With the community, plan how to address the needs of the Day Care Service in your locale.

5. Share techniques on family dynamics, counseling, social work, or conflict resolution with the Katarungang Pambarangay team to help them facilitate amicable settlement and speedy resolution of disputes.

6. Start an information and reading center. Survey the needs of children, youth and adults. Find second-hand books, posters and printed materials. Add a functional literacy program too!

7. Assist in research or projects on livestock and poultry, vegetable seed farms, medicinal plant gardens, fruit tree seedling nurseries, water and soil conservation, inter-barangay irrigation systems, and others.

8. Organize projects for primary health care, maternal and child care, and disease control. Help source medicines, medical supplies, and equipment for barangay health centers, maternity clinics, or municipal hospitals.

“Casita Ysabel” (Mabini, Batangas) by Chaya Go

9. Draft information and communication system designs. Help encode data or transcribe documents. Make better signage in and around government offices to guide people regarding procedures.

10. Study the solid waste disposal system and suggest ways to upgrade the general hygiene and sanitation conditions in the communities. Highlight ecotourism spots and educate residents on value-based principles and practices for sustainable development.

11. Read the Local Government Code of the Philippines. Then set an appointment with the mayor or any of the local government officials of your municipality/city, introduce yourself and proudly declare, “I also want to do all I can do for this town.”

Philippine Copyright 2011


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