Time again*

Walk the thought, 2007-08 No. 2

On New Year’s Day, I declare: I am going to have a great time volunteering with Time this year!

First, I will leave the past where it belongs–in the past. After all, Time moves forward, not backward. Disappointment and old sorrows about others (including volunteers) took up space in the consciousness. To have a joy-full time this year, I am going to switch my mind off those dusty files in a second! Empty the Recycle Bin with a single click. God’s compassion enables me to do just that.

Second, I will not be enslaved to the future. Worrying is fear in disguise; being anxious is false forward-looking. I chased after the next desirable help I could do and burned myself out soon enough. To have a ball this year, I am going to focus on making changes in the present instead. Tag along faith and determination. That is the sure recipe to shape the future. God’s love gives me the courage to do that.

Third, I will do things now. Who knows what will happen the next moment? The only gift that Time always brings is the present. To have happy experiences this year, I am going to volunteer with all accounts settled, all duties done, all things completed. How fulfilling! God’s ever-present company reminds me to do just that.

Fourth, I will respect Time. As I learn to value my own time, I am going to give regard to the time of others. It is said that promptness and punctuality are the practices of the royalty. Wow. Lovingly show tolerance to young people who have only had a little time, and patience to older ones whose bodies have served them a long time. God does the same.

Fifth, I will save Time. Not by multi-tasking or cramming, sorry. I am going to create extra moments by not spending time on trivial, wasteful thoughts or in careless words and harmful actions that distract me, return to cause me regret and demand payment one day. God gives me the power to make a full stop!

Lastly, I will spend more time in silence. My alma mater taught me Ora Et Labora, Prayer and Work. The more I go into volunteer action, the more I need to be silent. In silence, I can create more space to listen to God’s touches. His remembrance makes a light-as-a-leap year.

I think these are the best ways to have a great Time this year!

Copyright 2007-2008

*Adapted from “The Gift of Time,” Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

When was the last time you had a wonderful volunteering or volunteer management experience? What lessons did it teach you for 2008? How did Time help you? Tell us about it!


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