Go! Volunteer is Back! Come and Discover Yourself This April

As part of iVolunteer Philippines’ 10th year Anniversary, we’re excited to bring back Go! Volunteer Expo this 2019! With you and our partners, we believe that we can rally more Filipinos to come together and discover themselves through the act of volunteering. If you’ve been wanting to become a volunteer but don’t know where to start, join us this coming April 6 & 7 at the Glorietta Activity Center and take part in the country’s biggest matchmaking event for volunteers and NGOs!

Three years ago, Go! Volunteer was able to showcase just how many Filipinos are thrilled and eager to become a modern-day hero and contribute to the advocacies and causes around them. With over 20 thousand visitors, including 1,136 who signed up on the spot to aid 28 participating NGOs, Go! Volunteer 2016 was able to create 288 volunteer events and 9327 volunteer opportunities.

With your help this year, we’re confident that we can make Go! Volunteer an even bigger and more fruitful event! Here’s how you can be part of one of the biggest volunteering event in the Philippines:

Be a volunteer

iVolunteer started when our founders realized that many of those who are looking to volunteer are missing on the opportunities because they didn’t know where to start or whom to reach out. To make sure all that goodwill won’t ever get lost again, iVolunteer was established by a handful of volunteers in 2009 following the tragic events of Ondoy. Fast forward to today, you can now help sustain that promise and discover more about yourself in the process by joining Go! Volunteer this coming April!

In the meantime, you can sign up at our website for more volunteering opportunities or share #GoVolunteer2019 on your social media to help us invite more aspiring volunteers like you!

Become a partner

iVolunteer events have been largely successful thanks to the volunteers behind it and the partners and sponsors who have constantly believed in what the organization is all about. As a partner, we would love to bring you in much earlier so we can both work on how we can make Go! Volunteer 2019 a huge success and discuss how you can best represent your brand during the event. If you’re interested, contact us here and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

What to look forward to in #GoVolunteer2019

  • Volunteer Fair – a chance for volunteers to find the NGOs & communities that they would like to support. Volunteers will get the chance to speak with volunteer leaders from 25 NGOs.
  • Hero Museum – showcase of inspirational #EverydayHero stories of people like you and me.
  • Performances from Communities – a showcase of talent by the communities, NGOs, and guest performers.
  • Lightning Inspirational Talks – guest speakers who will inspire everyone to start a journey to self-discovery through volunteerism.

Stay tuned to our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) or register here for more announcements and updates in the coming weeks.


Tales from the iVolunteer Team: Our Mother Hen Shares Her Thoughts

“Tales from the iVolunteer Team” is an ongoing series of personal stories from the team that runs the Philippines’ first volunteerism portal. Today’s post comes from Mana Domingo, our Director for Internals and Organization Development.

Nowadays, I eat, drink, sleep, and have fantastical dreams about iVolunteer Philippines. I am, what you can say, a fanatic. Everywhere I go I happily and giddily introduce myself as “Hi, I’m Mana from iVolunteer Philippines!”, to be followed by, “Oh, I used to work as a…” when asked about my day job. I passionately believe in and love what iVolunteer stands for — “Every Filipino, A Hero”. What’s more, I can totally relate to it. I feel that if I’m so blessed with all the opportunities I’ve been given, why should I not give back? Even better, why should I not give others the opportunity to give back as well?

It has only been half a year since I joined iVolunteer Philippines, but I feel like I’ve already learned so much. My first real experience as an iVolunteer was in helping organize Project EDSA, a peace mural painting project which you now see running across the three walls of Camp Aguinaldo in Metro Manila. It was such a fulfilling experience to work behind the scenes, even though I was only able to paint about three letters (an “A”, an “S”, and maybe an “O”? I can’t remember!). I met a lot of good people who share the same passion for nation-building and I felt like I finally did something tangible that made an impact on the world, no matter how small and temporary it may be.

A volunteer paints the walls of Camp Aguinaldo during the Project EDSA mural painting activity

And that was only the beginning. More and more opportunities and challenges have cropped up through my experiences as part of the core team of iVolunteer. It really is no joke to serve as the Internals head of iVolunteer. I feel like a mother hen to the core members, it takes a certain amount of TLC and careful navigation around the different personalities found at the helm of our big iVol-ship (hehehe, comment below if you found this witty as I did :p). Oddly enough, I’m enjoying it. I feel like this is where I need to be… and where I’m needed to be, at least for now.

Mana (bottom row, leftmost) together with other iVolunteers at the Project EDSA mural painting in Camp Aguinaldo.

My biggest challenge however, is how to involve you, our members and iVolunteers, in this growth process. We are a very young organization, with our own birthing pains. But this is OUR organization, OUR community — a community of Filipino volunteers that are all HEROES.

And what’s a community if we don’t know each other? So I wish to reach out to YOU, our dearest iVolunteer, and invite YOU to be part of our big iVol-ship. We have a lot exciting events planned for the next months, and we want to involve you in the planning, preparation and celebration of each of these events.

Interested in learning more about how you can help and give back? Comment below or send us a shout-out at contactus@ivolunteer.com.ph. Make sure to check out our website, www.ivolunteer.com.ph, for our current list of volunteer opportunities as well!

The Mother Hen of iVolunteer

Mana is a certified volunteer addict for social good. She is a blue-blooded Katipunera, earning her undergraduate degree in Economics from ADMU and her MA in Economics from UP Diliman. She has consulted for ADB, World Bank, CODE-NGO, PBSP and has worked as an economic researcher for the Presidential Management Staff in Malacanang. She is currently taking her sweet time in finishing her PhD in Economics but would love to see her work translate from number-crunching and high-minded economic analyses to real and tangible social change. When she’s not glued to her laptop screen, Mana likes to travel, sketch, go to meetups and watch action films.You can reach Mana at mana@ivolunteer.com.ph