Guide to iVoluntutoring: 8 Reminders for New iVoluntutors

Be a voluntutor

Are you new to iVoluntutoring with He Cares Foundation? Here are 8 tips for beginners like you.

  1. Be informed. Know the venue, exact time and phone numbers of the contact persons for the tutorials. You just don’t want to miss the tutorials, don’t you?


Jerwyn, one of our students who regularly attends the tutorials. Photo Credit: Jason Bangayan, He Cares Foundation


  1. Be on time. Be at the venue at least 30 mins. to 1 hour before the students/ children arrive. Attend the orientation especially if it is your first time to have enough knowledge on your role as a tutor. It won’t hurt to dedicate more than an hour to tutor a kid; the experience will surely be more fulfilling.

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The Volunteer Behind the Vote

As we usher in a new administration in a few weeks, we continue to recognize how the recent 2016 elections proved the power of each individual Filipino’s vote. The world witnessed how the Filipinos firmly exercised our right of electing new public servants who represented our ideals and vision. Each vote was considered sacred, and protecting this one good vote through correct and valid counting was a task the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting or PPCRV commendably accomplished. For how many days after the elections, PPCRV spearheaded the canvassing of the ballots, delivering their promise of a clean, honest, accurate, meaningful, and peaceful elections.

In completing such a tedious and very important assignment, PPCRV was fueled by volunteers who generously gave their time to carry out the manual audit of the transmitted votes. Through iVolunteer, over 750 volunteers were able to participate in the canvassing of the votes, contributing to the success of the recent elections. They are different individuals with different motivations but all impassioned to serve and leave a mark in the recently concluded elections. And in the whole process of manning and encoding, there were stories shared, new things learned, and additional insights discovered among the volunteers and core members of PPCRV. In achieving a common goal, the volunteers rediscovered inspiration and learned from each other, creating more meaning and fulfillment in their volunteer work. Officers of the PPCRV in turn expressed their admiration and gratitude to those who chose to be involved in the audit.


PPCRV Photo 2
PPCRV Command Center

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A Sisterhood Connected by Selfless Passion

Lea, Grace, and Malou had their own different stories that all led them to volunteer in a soup kitchen in Quezon City. Through a very memorable experience together at Karinderia ni Mang Urot (KMU), they all felt a bond that made serving others even more fulfilling.

Malou – The Super Mom

Malou Virata de Rosario, 50, mother of 2, preparing food at Karinderia ni Mang Urot.

Malou initially thought of volunteering as a means to keep her occupied as she recovers after coming out of a recent relationship. Since she never volunteered before, and didn’t know where to go, she started searching online for volunteer opportunities, and found Karinderia ni Mang Urot via iVolunteer Philippines. It has been more than a year since she embarked on this journey, and now, she considers volunteering to be an integral part of who she has become. At present, right after attending Sunday mass, she eagerly goes straight to KMU every weekend. She has also started extending the invite to her daughter, so that they can volunteer together.

“Every week, I’m excited to come here. When you volunteer, you don’t get any money, but you get something greater in return.”

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How to make your vote count this 2016 national polls

With only less than a month before the 2016 national elections, have you decided which candidates to vote for? In the latest community meet-up organized by iVolunteer Philippines, elections watchdog NAMFREL and PPCRV appeals to Filipinos to not too much focus only on which candidates to support, but to also be educated on voter’s rights … Continue reading How to make your vote count this 2016 national polls

10 Reasons to Volunteer

It’s a common question to ask those who volunteer why they do what they do. Between the demands of work, personal life and everyday responsibilities, why do people enthusiastically spend their time helping out without pay, and sometimes in less-than-stellar environs? Volunteering is surely an investment in time and energy, and it is no small feat on the part of the volunteer. There are plenty of reasons to volunteer, according to volunteers we know, and here’s several of the common ones:

To give back to the community

Volunteering is an act of service, and many volunteers are compelled to offer their time and effort to give back to the community. Whether it’s the community that helped to raise them or one that holds a special place in their heart, volunteers help in community building by supporting the non-profit organisations that make the community.

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Helping does not need everyone’s eyes to see

“It’s quite scandalous how our meal-and-travel, photo-snapping society still has helpless people writhing in pain or hunger in its periphery.

In our busy community, noticing a peddler on the street in need of help is not something everyone is able to see. Or perhaps we have seen one, but to what extent of sacrifice did we offer to alleviate these people from suffering?

iVolunteer heard the story of Shiela (name changed for anonymity). She doesn’t work with iVolunteer but her action echoes our cause as her story shows that sometimes ordinary people are the ones who can make small but effective changes in our society.

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Getting to Know the Volunteers


The purpose of this volunteer study is to understand the needs and motivation of the current iVolunteer volunteers so that we can further guide and educate them based on where they are in their volunteer journey. We also intend to learn what has worked for the existing volunteers so that we can replicate the model and encourage more Filipinos to volunteer and participate in nation building.

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It’s Not Us, It’s Them 

In a volunteering ecosystem, the relationship between the volunteer and the volunteer-engaging organizations are very important. It should be a collaboration between both parties so that each gains from the experience and relationship taking into consideration the volunteer’s personal growth and contribution, as well as the organization’s advocacy and program delivery resulting in sustainable impact for the beneficiaries. However, when there are occasions that everything doesn’t go as planned and unexpected things happen, different perspectives result in the following conflicting comments:

From the volunteers: “Ako na nga ang nag-volunteer.” (“I’m already the one volunteering.”)

And from the staff of organizations: “Volunteer lang sila.” (“They are just volunteers.”)

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Finding Purpose Through Volunteering 

11062735_940734959279896_4264062945320180683_nRhea Doligon is in her early 30s but she doesn’t look like it. The secret to her youthful looks could be because of positive outlook in life. “I find joy in the little things,” she says. On weekends, you could find her sitting contentedly on the warm grounds of Quezon City Memorial Circle, admiring the blue skies and observing families enjoying each other’s company over a simple picnic or groups of friends frolicking around, engaging in playful banter.

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A Volunteer’s Duty

Being able to volunteer means you’re capable of sharing your time, skills, or other resources to those who are in need of help. You’re fortunate to have extra time to spend beyond basic needs; you’re blessed to have honed a skill and leverage it for a social purpose; you’re lucky to have an excess of resources that others can briefly maximize. Some may seem to have more to share but it doesn’t mean they are entitled to privileges; in fact, committing to help also comes with a responsibility.

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Tough Questions: My Volunteer Story

Hi! Im JB Tan, one of the co-founders and currently a volunteer & the Executive Director of iVolunteer Philippines. I am a graduate of Computer Science and have full time day job as a Project Management Professional in a multinational company.

When asked what I do during my spare time.. I answer  “I volunteer!”.. I used to be shy about it as it is always followed by a tough question on why I “waste” time in volunteering and it is not always easy to get people understand. Overtime I realized these tough questions are a channel of advocating and inspiring individuals to participate in my cause. Today I am energized with such doubt as it confirms that iVolunteer Philippines has a place where we are really needed.

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