Thank you for 2015

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Making Smart Life Choices Through Volunteerism 

It’s important to tell the story of Gerald (Ge) Catapang who breaks the stereotypical mold of a call center agent which some of us might have in mind, that young people like him working in the BPO industry often spend their time and money on food and drinks with their friends in the office after work hours. The truth is, if we are on the other side of the fence we might not fully understand the difficulties they face in order to survive the demands of their work. In his case, it might surprise you that despite working a graveyard shift, Ge has an active and healthy lifestyle as a volunteer who also recently turned vegan.

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Inspiring One At A Time

Last July, iVolunteer received an e-mail request from Ronnie Marquez for a meeting regarding his new organization. Not knowing what to expect, I went ahead to meet Ronnie in a coffee shop and the first thing he said to me was, “matagal ko na kayong gustong makausap pagkatapos ko marinig yung radio interview niyo.” (I have been wanting to meet you after I heard your radio interview).

Ronnie, a professional and father of 3 boys, heard our iVolunteer story while driving to the office and he had wanted to reach out to iVolunteer ever since. He and his kids are into music and they are now thinking of maximizing their passion for music by setting up Awit ni David, a non-profit organization that will bring together musicians and regularly raise funds for cancer patients as well as other causes.


JB of iVolunteer and Ronnie of Awit Ni David

iVolunteer has been invited to numerous AM radio interviews but I never thought it would make a big impact. Flashback: It was an early morning interview at DZAM. I risked my car getting towed in front of Ministop (it didn’t, phew) and then I rushed to a DSWD meeting right after. All of these ran through my mind while Ronnie was telling me that he got inspired to setup a new NGO when he heard the story of iVolunteer that day. He felt uneasy and needed to do something bigger than himself. It was all worth it! Inspiring even at least one individual at a time reaffirms us in iVolunteer that there is hope for the country as long as there are good people who would dedicate their lives to help.

By JB Tan, Volunteer & Executive Director of iVolunteer Philippines

Finding Purpose Through Volunteering 

11062735_940734959279896_4264062945320180683_nRhea Doligon is in her early 30s but she doesn’t look like it. The secret to her youthful looks could be because of positive outlook in life. “I find joy in the little things,” she says. On weekends, you could find her sitting contentedly on the warm grounds of Quezon City Memorial Circle, admiring the blue skies and observing families enjoying each other’s company over a simple picnic or groups of friends frolicking around, engaging in playful banter.

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Tough Questions: My Volunteer Story

Hi! Im JB Tan, one of the co-founders and currently a volunteer & the Executive Director of iVolunteer Philippines. I am a graduate of Computer Science and have full time day job as a Project Management Professional in a multinational company.

When asked what I do during my spare time.. I answer  “I volunteer!”.. I used to be shy about it as it is always followed by a tough question on why I “waste” time in volunteering and it is not always easy to get people understand. Overtime I realized these tough questions are a channel of advocating and inspiring individuals to participate in my cause. Today I am energized with such doubt as it confirms that iVolunteer Philippines has a place where we are really needed.

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iVolunteer-ed for #ChangePH

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

This year’s Social Media Day #ChangePH made us believe that anything is possible, that #ChangePH is not a far-off reality for as long as we unite—as a community, united by one cause—to shape the nation for the better. Inspired by this year’s theme and focus on communities, we at iVolunteer Philippines participated in the event not just with our booth, but with both our hearts and minds shouting a resounding YES to the aspiration behind #ChangePH.

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