iVolunteer Holds Third Start Your Adventure Talk

Makati, September 30 – Upholding its commitment to make every Filipino a hero through volunteerism, iVolunteer Philippines in partnership with Kickstart Ventures capped-off the third quarter of the year with its third Start Your Adventure talk.

The purpose of the talk is to guide new volunteers and curious individuals on how to start their volunteering journey right. Twenty five participants joined the talk led by three of iVolunteer’s prominent members.

The event began with participants introducing themselves to their fellow starters. The ages ranged from teens to the fifties.

Jasmine Salem, Director of Finance, started the talk by giving out the reasons why people volunteer and why volunteering is a worthwhile endeavor for everyone. She went through her own experiences as a millennial volunteer, the definition of “volunteerism”, and the so-called volunteer checklist that enumerates the reason why one should volunteer.

Jasmine talks about why people volunteer and why it is a worthwhile endeavor

Joyce Armillo, Associate Director of Finance, shared her story of how and why she started volunteering which she believes that a lot of people can relate to. She also shared the things she learned volunteering and encouraged everyone to be part of the solutions that the country needs more than voicing out opinions and struggles.

Joyce shares the story of how and why she started volunteering

To set the right expectations and to guide the new volunteers in their journey, Miguel Gomez, Associate Director for Business Development, discussed the dos and don’ts of volunteering. He cited examples and gave out tips so that one would enjoy their time in the field.

Miguel talks about the dos and don’ts of volunteering

iVolunteer Philippines sees the success of its third Start Your Adventure talk as a testament that there will always be people willing to initiate change for the better. While volunteering does not have to start and end with the organization, iVolunteer aims to hold more talks like this and guide more Filipinos young and old alike as they try to make a difference.

Mark Badiola, iVolunteer Philippines

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