Core team and volunteers

The iVolunteer portal is run 100% by volunteers, a blessing we always acknowledge. From web design, editorial ‘structuring’, writing, editing and publishing, to social marketing, communications, networking and resource generation, everything here is volunteer effort.

Core Team 2011:






Ryan Anthony M. Bestre
Ryan is currently working as an Englsih as a Second Language Teacher and Special Events Coordinator. He is an environmentalist and volunteer at heart and is passionate about the environment, community work, performing, traveling, culture and people.

Julie T. Chan 

In the few years that Julie has been volunteering, she has learned to appreciate the poetry written by people who have experienced mental illness, the inspiring stories of volunteers, and the meaning of true stewardship of God’s creation. As our world faces the grave consequences of energy descent and environmental degradation, we invoke the spirit of volunteering in practicing conservation, cooperation and creative community solutions to save, heal and nurture the Earth.





Deanie Lyn Ocampo
Deanie is a teacher, researcher and development worker who promotes the welfare of infants and young children till age six years in our country. That field is now called Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). She enjoys advocating for volunteerism because volunteers in action create and give inspiration, encouragement and love wherever they are. Communities filled with such good things is her vision of communities for ECCD children.

Regnard Kreisler Raquedan
Regnard is a graduate student at the Asian Institute of Management and an advocate of web standards and usability. He is the User Group Manager of the Adobe User Group-Philippines and Local Ambassador for the UXNet in Manila. He blogs at Standards Web Standards and The AIM Blogger.

Do you want to volunteer for Hurry, send us a note at

Volunteers 2011:

Cara Tizon, Meah Ang See, Ruth Pizarro, Rose Marie Cosio, Jose Jolly Villaviza

Volunteers 2001-2010:

(Atty) Abe Margallo, Abraham Pedrina Jr, Ang Chak Chi, Angela Yu, Anthony Sanchez, Blessel Carlos, CIUDAD band, Campaigns and Grey, Carl Edwin Tupas, Carmela Anne Molo, Celia de Jesus, Charlie Naval, Chaya Erika Go, Chito Dugan, Chona Ignalaga, Christine Ong, Christopher Layno, Christopher K Peabody, Christy Planco, Cielo Presas, (Dr) Cora PB Claudio, Creative Aid, Cristina Alejandro, Damcelle Torres, (Atty) Danilo V. Roleda, Darwin Santiago, Desiree Mendoza, Ditas Bermudez, Elbert Or, Elissa Escalante, Eliza Villarino, Emily Christine Dy, Evelyn Singson, Exequiel Dijamco, Fiona Norada, Froilan Grate, (Atty) Geronimo Sy, Gilbert Olaez, Gina Abella, Grace Pe-Bacani, HIBLA, JL Diaz, Jaclyn Abergas, Jaclyn Saez, Janette Tan-Lee, Jean Paula Khalaf, Jen Abaricia, Jenny Lyn Hernandez, Jerome Montemayor, Jerry Tieng, Jill Posadas, Jim Alabastro, Joan Villarente, Jonathan Juanillo, (Atty) Jong Navarro, Jose Mari Daclan, Judith Angela Alpay, Julie Chan, Junille Caritos Vasquez, Laiden Pedrina, Layeta Bucoy, Leidon Angeles Cruz, Lesley Lim, Liza Miraflor, Liza Ong, Maria Ocampo, Marie Pia Aguilar-Baldos, Marissa Joyce Wong, Marivel Aro, Mark Joaquin Ruiz, Marla Garin, McCann Erikson, Michael Velilla, Michelle Perez, Mitzie Correa, Naomi Corpuz, Norman Jiao, Nozomi Sugahara, Rechilda Magpayo, Regnard Kreisler Raquedan, Reina Guartico, Rizalino Alejandro, Robert Alejandro, Roberto Calingo, Romi Garduce, Ronalisa Co, Sanny Buncha, Shayne Merioles, Sheilan Villafranca, Spencer Ocampo, Steve Pareja, Suzanne Lu, Yoly Villanueva-Ong, Young Artists Fellowship for the Environment, Yusuke Araki

We might have missed other iV volunteers. So sorry. If you were one or you know others who are not included in the list above, please post the names in the comment box below, thanks!


4 thoughts on “Core team and volunteers

  1. Hi,Your website is very inspiring. I am also a volunteer of a non-profit NGO, ATD Fourth World Philippines. How can we be a member or partner of your group?Is it possible to set a post/email regarding our activities for this summer? We are looking for volunteers to teach children living in poor communities of Manila art & crafts workshops, music appreciation, writing and other activities.For more information regarding ATD, you can call us at 563.9312, email or visit our website htpp://!Sana Sta. Ana If you

  2. hi sana,the ivolunteer community is open to everyone who wants to volunteer and who needs volunteers 🙂 just email your summer events to us so we can post them in the egroups + the web’s “events” pages 🙂 i’ll email you our VOpp form for your volunteer requirements–simply fill it up, email it back, and we’ll post your VOpps on the website immediately!best, d*

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