Celebration to creation

Story 3 of 3

From 2001 to 2005, iVolunteer celebrated everyday heroes—-people who shared themselves to make life more humane for others. One didn’t have to be smart, rich or famous to serve, or to be dead to inspire. Perseverance, discernment and courage were all they needed. People remained undaunted to make positive changes in our country. We celebrated this humanity!

iVolunteer has grown a lot and learned a hundred lessons (literally) during the quiet 2006 and 2007 when we strove to be constructive and forward-looking despite the hurdles of rebuilding this portal and helping run a country.

It feels great to be six years old this year!

iVolunteer.net.ph now says, “We make everyday heroes.” Not arrogantly spoken, but wisely. We are more definitive of what we can offer and how, of what we cannot offer yet contented in the benefits of limitations, and of what we want to offer tomorrow.

We flex our muscles to improve and maintain this portal. You see, iVolunteer.net.ph is 100% operated by a core group of volunteers. From web design, editorial ‘structuring’, writing, editing and publishing, to social marketing, communications, networking and resource generation, everything is volunteer effort.

We live out our values of commitment, stewardship and respect. That way, iVolunteer.net.ph can build a community of volunteers and volunteer managers who are cooperative, supportive and reliable. Truly, a community of everyday heroes.

We offer this portal to our country this December, our National Volunteer Month; to the world on International Volunteer Day; and to God/de, the Source of virtues and greatness in each of us.

December 5, 2007
Metro Manila, Philippines

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