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iVolunteer.net.ph? Sounds familiar…
http://www.ivolunteer.net.ph is the Philippines’ first volunteerism portal, a redesigned edition of the original one we created in 2001.

It aims to serve as a positive ICT powerhub for you–volunteers and volunteer managers–and your participation in local and national development in the country. It is vibrant with enthusiasm and energy for volunteerism as a response to and resource for the spiritual/moral, economic, political, social and cultural issues that affect us today.

It harvests from the inherent altruistic desire of people like you to volunteer and give—the sharing of time, resources and talents–for the improvement of the lives of marginalized Filipinos. It also harvests from the rich experiences of your organizations and institutions whose mission is to contribute to the betterment of Philippine society.

How do we do that?
Let’s utilize the best of the Internet and ICTs, we said. So now, iVolunteer.net.ph has two major features:

Online menu of volunteer opportunities
Through this feature, you can browse several volunteer opportunities (VOpps, for short) posted by organizations all over the country. That is to say, the portal is like a “speed matching” venue though we’ll leave it up to you and your chosen organization to actually get the volunteer work managed and done. With commitment.

If you are working for an organization that needs volunteers, you may use iVolunteer.net.ph to announce your VOpps for FREE. Simply email iVolunteernetph@gmail.com or text us at 0917.8273124, and we’ll send you an easy-to-fill-up form regarding your VOpp. That’s all.

Information and resources on volunteerism
Need to learn about the works of volunteering and volunteer management in the country? iVolunteer.net.ph provides news and events, feature articles, technical papers, modules and other resources to grow with! You can also join the iVolunteer e-group for the exchange of ideas and insights.

That’s technology for people and development.

Story 2 of 3: A stream of firsts
Story 3 of 3: Celebration to creation


One thought on “About this portal

  1. Hi there, I saw your site as I was browsing through this site here – http://www.pnvsca.gov.ph/bayanihang_bayan.htmlAnyway at the bottom I tried to click on your logo but the link was broken. Maybe you would like to contact the agency and let them know. The reason why I saw your site is because I am doing something similar see my blog below :http:/volunteerinphilippines.blogspot.com/I just started this blog with the aim to centralize all local and international organizations that co-ordinates and manages Volunteer work here in the Philippines. Seems like our vision is the same. Perhaps you can link me in your blog as the target audience that we have are the same. Hope you find my site useful. http://volunteerinphilippines.blogspot.com/Aotearoa Blogger

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